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I Can Be Active Check-In #1

It’s time for the first checkin for the I Can Be Active Challenge. Please share with me how you’ve been active over the first time period. You can gain extra entries by doing the things below. I guess you want to know what the first prize is, right?


It’s a few Good Greens Bars! At the expo at RnR San Antonio we stumbled across this booth and was pleasantly surprised with the product! These bars are made of veggies but the bars are really good. I grabbed a couple for the giveaway so you can give it a try too after being SO ACTIVE!

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You have until Thursday, November 27, 2013 to enter for the prize.

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  • laura

    I didn’t do a ton, but I did a lot of active home improvement stuff and skated like crazy all day today. Much better than nothing:)

  • Stacy

    Through 15 workout sessions of walking, elliptical & yoga I worked out 14 hours (my weekly target was 8.5hrs) and I burned over 7,100 calories! Even though my hard work does not show on the scale YET, I will continue on. Thank you for the inspiration!