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Christmas is over…

Christmas was pretty chill for us. We agreed to keep the gift giving to a minimum because we tend to go overboard. I got Willie a head light, Clif Bars and a cold weather pull over. He got me a BOX of Quest Bars and some chap stick. I’m a happy girl. I also got some airline giftcards (cause you know I’m always moving)!  I’m planning out 2014 as I type this…lots of travel to be happening I hope!


We went to my sister’s house for Christmas. I wanted to get a good picture by the tree and Willie though he would make silly faces at the camera. He had me cracking up when I scrolled through the camera to look at them.

My sister made a good meal and I was super hungry yesterday. I had greens, fruit, ham, turkey, sweet potatoes, a little mac and cheese and a little bit of potato salad. I waited too long to eat and it put me in a ravenous state.  That’s never a good place to be.  I now realize I have to eat on schedule or pretty close to it.  Yesterday was kind of a bad situation.  But it was fun to spend time with my family and just talk.  That’s what the holiday is all about, right?

Me and my siblings! We never have pictures together…and I was missing my two brothers so that kind of sucked.

8 miles done but it was kind of rough! Note to self: treadmill calories start over after 1000! #runchat #running #training #marathontraining
This morning I was trying to keep my schedule. I still have to teach my cycle class this evening but I missed my run yesterday. I wanted to run outside but it was a little too chilly (I’m a wimp) and the sun wasn’t out enough for me (whimp x2). I took it to the treadmill to run my 8 miles this week. It was supposed to be my mid-week long run but now it’s fallen at the end of the week. It went well and I kept it steady and didn’t push too hard. Plus I ran with some buddies.

So what did Santa bring you for Christmas?

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  • Robin

    AHHHHHHH, youre such an inspiration, thank you! great pictures by the way! You make me want to workout just reading your blog, so in the AM that’s what I ll be doing and thinking of you and Willie, and how once I get the first workout in after this holiday season the others will be easier. Do you count calories??……Robin

  • Robin

    Did it! First one down after the Holiday and it felt great! 40 minutes of weight training this morning!