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Motivation Monday to get back on track

It’s Monday and all the blogs I read do motivation Monday. I don’t really do that because everyone else is doing it. Today, I needed a little motivation. I’ve been off track. I haven’t felt like myself and I know I haven’t been holding myself accountable. I’ve been stuck in a rut because I’ve been resting for the marathon and then I ran another marathon two weeks later. It’s really left me feeling weird because I’ve been in a constant taper. My working out was limited…and I felt the need to carbo load.

In New Orelans all I ate the entire time I was there was jamabalya. I was there for three days and at least 4 of my meals consisted of jamabayla, including this meal they tried to pass off as jambalya.  FYI: It wasn’t!

With a side of beignets minus to powdered sugar.

And pancakes when I finished the marathon:

Pancakes have kind of become my thing after a really long run. Don’t know why, but that’s what I want!

My point is: I’m off.  I haven’t been working out like I want, haven’t been eating the way I want and I haven’t been doing the regular things the way I want.  Life has been a flustercluck with surgeries and being out of town…and running.

Today I’m vowing to get back on track with a lot of things.  I’m posting them here so you’ll hold me accountable.

1.  I need to get ready for China!  You know we’re running this marathon aka adventure race on The Great Wall of China in May and I don’t think we’re prepared.  I’m further along because I’m always in a constant state of training.  But this is going to be a big challenge.  I haven’t done the research behind anything and I feel anxious about the whole experience.

2. I haven’t really been watching the news.  I’m so out of touch with current events.  I love NPR but it just hasn’t been apart of my life.

3. Meal prepping has gone out of the window and I feel it.  It’s kind of been throwing something together really quick in the house or just eating out.  I’ve done too much eating out.  I haven’t been eating bad stuff when I’ve gone out but you know, it’s always healthier to eat at home.  I haven’t been doing this.

4. Logging my workouts.  About two weeks ago, I got too busy to log my workouts.  I hate that because it keeps me on track and moving in a forward direction.  I haven’t been too jazzed about hitting the gym lately but I know when I was logging things were different.  I don’t so much log my food anymore, but I might even go back to that to move me in a positive direction.

5. Have some me time.  I’ve been so busy taking care of myself and worrying about others that I haven’t done the same for myself.  I’m hoping to get a hair cut soon.  That would be nice.

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  • Hang in there! I’ve been a little “off” too, since the holidays, then a mid-January vacation, then next thing I know it’s my birthday… I like my daily workouts, but I would like to see some results, too. Let’s get back on track for the year! It sounds like you’ve got big plans ahead.

    • It’s been rough but I’m hanging in there. I’ve been dealing with a hurt foot that’s been keeping me from doing the stuff I love but I’m still pushing through. Not working out as much as I want but I did go to the grocery store and we did some meal planning.