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Race Recap: The Little Rock 5K and pre race activities

This should have been posted this morning but I’m sick from running around in the cold and rain.  Plus we didn’t get back until late last night and I just needed some rest.  This weekend we loaded up the car with Jes to head to Little Rock to run the marathon.  Every year the race has a new theme and this year it was all about super heroes.  Everything was supposed to be EPIC!  We got in late Friday night, but that didn’t stop me from getting up early to run the 5K! Thank you to the Little Rock Marathon staff, especially Hobbit, for letting me pick up my packet the morning of the race! I couldn’t have done the 5K without their support!

Before the race I totally geeked out when I saw Bart Yasso. I was starstruck and didn’t even say hi. But I saw him again 10 minutes later and Willie ushered me through the crowd and I spent the best minute of my life talking to Bart Yasso! It was amazing. I had only been in Little Rock for 8 hours and I already loved the race.

The course started and ended a block apart. There were some inclines happening here that I would call hills, but people in Arkansas probably just call another day! I am glad I ran the first three miles of the marathon course in this race because I kind of knew what to expect. There was one water stop on the course which I didn’t need. The weather was perfect!

I was hoping to PR but I didn’t. Official time was 30:04! I was about two minutes short of PR but that’s ok. That was the first time I had run that week so it wasn’t that bad!

After that we headed to the expo! This was the best expo ever! There were a lot of vendors and lots of good race booths. It was loaded and people were giving out tons of free stuff. The atmosophere in that place was great and everyone was so nice. We spent so much time at the expo and really had a great time! We planned on going to the Bill Clinton Library but we didn’t make it cause we spent so much time at the expo!


For lunch we went to River Market! There were tons of little places to eat in there. I think we all pretty much settled on middle eastern food. I had a tagine. It was soo good.

Jes and Willie had gyros! The gyros looked good!

We went back to the expo later for our early start meeting and we met a reader of the blog! It was so great!

Look who I found at the expo! Junior! #teamchocolatemilk
Junior also snuck up on me at the early start meeting which he had no business being at in the first place. He didn’t have any intention of early starting! But I was glad he was there.

Highlights of the expo:

These are running bandanas you wrap around your hand. Danielle at Runningluv makes these cute and stylish hankies for the hand. We didn’t get a chance to use ours because it was raining during the race. But I’ll use it this weekend for The Gusher Marathon! Hopefully, I’ll have a giveaway for the blog soon!

And this granola mix was amazing! Nate & Sassy’s was delicious. I had the marathon mix! Willie had peach cobbler mix! We couldn’t get enough. I am going to order some of this stuff ASAP!

The local dairy was handing out lowfat chocolate milk that was epic!

I had to break the posts up into two because the race post is very important to me and I have a ton of pictures with that one too.

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