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Race Recap: The Green 6.2

I’m not really going to pretend this was a serious race for me, because it wasn’t. Most people run this race to qualify for the Houston Marathon! Well I’m not running the Houston Marathon so this was just another race for me. It’s probably not my most favorite race in history but it was my first 10K two years ago and last year I ran it after my grandma passed. This year I wasn’t going to run it but something in me told me to run it.

It wasn’t a big tadoo but some of my running group friends were there. They were trying to qualify. I was just trying to stay alive. This race is always hot and humid. I never expect too much so I really try to keep it low key. I knew I wasn’t going to qualify and I definitely knew I wasn’t going to PR.

They changed the course this year which was a huge improvement. I REALLY liked that change which makes me want to run it again next year! I thought about my grandmother the entire race. I can’t believe it’s been a year since she passed.

I finished in 1:05:14. FAR from a PR, but I was glad to finish. I’ve kind of lacked the motivation to run lately so finishing these things are a the big wins in my book.

John didn’t meet his goal but it was ok because he did a super sprint tri today. He had a good excuse! And he’s a crazy runner!

Regan did qualify. Looks like he’ll be running Houston without having to enter the lottery. Great job my friend!


After the race I took Willie to my new favorite joint in Houston!  He seemed to like it cause he let me take this pic of him.

Now we’re scrambling to get ready for the trip so there’s no time for chatting!

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