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I had a good weekend

I had a really great weekend.  I know I don’t usually post stuff about my normal day to day on the blog, but maybe I should do more things like that.

Austin Marathon 2014

I spent Valentine’s Day being active with Willie and support my best friend at her school 5k.  Note:  it was a lot of walking on a soccer field.

Heart to heart 5k

Totally not serious, but A LOT of fun!

Austin Marathon 2014

And someone showed me to to stretch because I wasn’t do it right!


Then we headed to the expo to pick up our packets.

Austin Marathon 2014

Then I fought the ridiculous Austin traffic to hang out with my friend Julie. I had a really great time hanging out with her and just talking. She’s still looking good, right?  She’s pretty awesome!

And then I went to carb load but I didn’t take pictures of it. I’m a bad blogger. Hahaha!

So what did you do this weekend?

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