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Five Things Friday: The mailbox edition

Sorry for no blog yesterday, I really wasn’t feeling it.  I had a core workout I was going to share with the class, but my heart wasn’t in it. Thursday is usually the day I leave open to talk about life on the blog but it just wasn’t coming to me and putting in a core workout just didn’t seem…right. It was probably just a good day to take a break from blogging.

It’s Five Things Friday but I only have one thing to tell you.

I'm opening up the blog mailbox again. If you want to get mail from me, here's your chance. Inspiration, motivation and/or some of my favorite things sign up for the list. #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney

Today I am here to tell you that I’m reopening the mailbox!  This means I will be sending 2-3 people some mail every month.  The mail will be something different from month to month.  One month it might be a letter another month it might be something I’m enjoying right now.  It will just be a surprise.  But one thing I know for sure, it will motivate and inspire you to dream big and achieve great things.  That’s why I suggest that everyone sign up for the mailbox!

Also, if you write me or send me anything I will personally write you back. I miss the idea of writing letters and pen pals. I know with the ever growing cost of postage people are turned off by it but it’s fun! Send me mail:

Angela – We Beat Fat
P.O. Box 22635
Beaumont, TX 77720-2635

I hope everyone has a great weekend! A video will be up soon!

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