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Race Recap: Rock n Roll St. Louis Half Marathon

The recap is late, but it’s still worthy of a read.  I ran the Rock n Roll St. Louis Half Marathon on October 18 and it was something special.  Last year when I ran this race, I set a half marathon PR.  That did not happen this year because I ran the Kansas City Marathon the day before.  This half was purely for fun.


I was espeically excited because I got to see some of my favorite Team Chocolate Milk teammates.  I hadn’t seen them since last year so it was a nice treat.  And I finally got to meet Jill!

I planned on running the RnR St. Louis Marathon but this year the race wasn’t a marathon.  This is probably one of my favorite RnR races of the year so I didn’t mind pulling double duty that weekend.  I wanted so badly to run a great race but my legs weren’t having it.

Those marathon miles were wearing on my legs so early on I knew I needed to take it easy.  The most important thing was to just make it to the end so I made the best of the race.  I wanted to make sure I got all the pictures that I wasn’t able to get last year.


There was some cool wall art on the course.


There is the The Grove area of St. Louis.


In the Grove, there is Sweetie’s Pies.  We may not be able to eat there but we sure do love the show.  I wanted to make sure I got a good picture this year.


At mile 8 there was this sign.  I was really feeling it at this point.  But let me be honest, I was feeling this way at mile 2.  The course is really hilly (at least for this Texas girl) but it works in your favor.  The weather started off very cool but it was perfect when you started running.  It was just really great!


And then I saw The Incredibles! Wasn’t this cute?

I finished the race stronger than when I started.  I couldn’t expect much but I was ready for that lowfat chocolate milk at the end.  Recovery was very important for this weekend and lowfat chocolate milk was going to get me there.  It was so good.


I don’t really know what my time for the race was but I think it was around 2:43.  Definitely not my fastest half but it wasn’t meant to be fast.  This was a nice recovery run for me and I got to spend it on a great race course.


Most importantly, it was something Willie and I could do together and I enjoyed every minute of it.  A family that runs together, stays together, right?

We had a good time in St. Louis and we couldn’t leave without seeing the arch! If you’re going to run a Rock n Roll race, this is one of my favorites. The course is nice and it takes you through some of the best parts of the city. Don’t pass up your chance to run this race!

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