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Life doesn’t happen without the internet

Hey all!  It’s been a minute without a good blog, right?  There is a reason.  I haven’t had internet…at work.  I know it sounds stupid but I do most of blog planning and writing at work because I try to keep it away from the house.  Sometimes it becomes a little distracting in the house setting so I try not to spend time doing it there.  Plus, by the time I’ve gotten home, I’ve been too tired to work on the blog.


Life doesn’t happen very well without the internet.  It was sad a miserable and no fun.  So have you been wondering what I’ve been doing?


I went to Cincinatti to run the Flying Pig Marathon only to drop down to the half.  But that’s another story for another blog.


While I was in Cincinnati I ate this really big pretzel AND


a bratwurst loaded with this sauerkraut.  It was so good.  I don’t regret at it all.

I have been working out but have limited my running for a bit.  Not by choice but I’ll get back to it soon.  That’s a whole other blog post too.

I wanted to get an Apple Watch but I was on the fence about it. There were so many questions with so little answers. I decided to skip to Apple Watch and get the FitBit Blaze because it did the majority of what I was going to use the Apple watch. Plus, I get to stay in the FitBit atmosphere which I love because I LOVE challenges. I’ll do a review on it in a few days after I’ve used it for a little bit more. Early review, I do like it.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day so I celebrated my mom and my sister. I celebrated by eating two slices of cake two many. I couldn’t decide between the carrot cake and the red velevet cake. It’s sad, I should know better but I did it anyway.


Because I ate too much cake yesterday, I woke up early to go to the gym. I hit the treadmill and got my workout done which I’m glad I did because I don’t feel like working out right now. There’s a reason why I must workout in the morning. FYI: I forgot to take my picture on the treadmill and remembered when I was outside in the parking lot…so this is what you get.

Now I have the internet and I’ll be working on the blog and bringing it back to it’s orginal state. I think I might even start doing the videos again because some stuff is just so much better on video. Thanks for hanging in there with me and there will be more to come. Happy Monday!

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