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WIAW: A typical day of eating

Want to know what I eat in a day? Today is your lucky day because I’m going to share. I should have shared this a while ago because a TON of people would e-mail me asking to me to make videos about what I eat in a day. I will tell you my eating habits haven’t changed much since I’ve been preggers or been on my weight loss journey. This is pretty straight on as before. I may just eat a little bit more on some days than others, AND I might want to eat some pizza little more often. So here it is:


BREAKFAST: I start off every morning with oatmeal lately. I wasn’t able to stomach it for a while but now it’s back in my life. I’ve been mixing it up with different types of oatmeal though so I’m growing an expanding (figuratively and literally). I talked about my peanut butter and jelly oatmeal last week.

SNACK: I eat a snack around 10am. I’ve been crunching on the kale lately. Yes, that never went away.

New flavor of @heb #greekyogurt 100. Let's see how this goes! #healthyeats #healthysnacks #fitfluential
Or I’ve been eating greek yogurt and a banana.

Healthy Choice Meal

LUNCH: I’ve been eating a variety of Healthy Choice steamer meals.


But sometimes I do eat what we make for dinner for lunch. That’s what I did today. The meal prepping has been such a wacky thing in our house lately because I’ll want to eat one thing and then I won’t want it. A couple of weeks ago, Willie made turkey burgers for dinner that I ended up not eating the first week, but ate for breakfast the second week. I’m all thrown off. Today’s lunch/dinner: baked chicken, wild rice and green beans with carrots. Oh, there was an apple. The picture isn’t flattering so I’m not sharing it.


SNACK: Snacks aren’t the same every day. I usually eat whatever is in the house. I use to eat Luna Bars but once again I can’t always handle them. I’ve been eating sweet potatoes with greek yogurt or avocado toast. I have been craving smoothies lately too but I hate paying for them. I don’t always have the stuff in the house to make them. When all else fails, I go to Panera for black bean soup.

DINNER: I’ve been craving salads this week for dinner. I use Bolthouse Farms dressing. Blue cheese is my favorite and it’s only 35 calories. I’ve used the chicken from the air fryer.

SNACK: And I don’t have a picture of it because I never thought to photograph it, but after dinner sometimes I do eat applesauce and graham crackers.

That is what I typically eat in a day.  Nothing too crazy, but I’m eating.

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