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Enjoy your Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week so that means family gatherings, football and lots of food.  Enjoy your day and don’t sweat the small the stuff.  This should be a day to celebrate and should be stress-free.


My day started off with the Turkey Trot.  We all walked the 5K.

I’ve written about Thanksgiving in the past and posted healthy side dishes.  If there are healthy options at your table then eat them and enjoy them.  If you feel like you need to provide those side dishes, then eat up and enjoy them.

I just want everyone to enjoy the time.  I feel like there is so much stress about eating over the holiday and you have to remember it’s just one day.  It’s about moderation and not deprivation.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Remember to give thanks and just enjoy the day.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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