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Friday Five: Turkey burgers, headbands, working out & more

Happy Friday!  I hope all is well in the world with you.  I felt like I had a really productive morning but then the afternoon seems a little less eventful.  I guess you could say I spent it on the couch sleeping.

I thought I should sit down and blog since I’m feeling up to it and I’m well rested. So there’s a blog and some hot chocolate…and here I am. I think it’s a good way to spend a Friday.

1. Today I’m officially 38 weeks which means our baby girl should be making her grand debut soon.  FYI: She’s not any closer to wanting to come out.  She’s comfortable in there! This morning I got up to celebrate by going for a walk on the treadmill. Maybe that’s why she’s a little too comfortable in there because I’ve been working out. I’m pretty proud that I’ve been able to work out this long. I wanted to be that woman at the gym so it does make me VERY happy. Now I’m ready to meet my baby, though.

2. I’ve been totally obsessed with turkey burgers this week. I asked Willie to load up them up with onions, make them flat and make them on the griddle. I can’t get enough. I may have also eaten a few for breakfast too. Hey, it’s a good way to get some color in my food with lettuce and tomatoes…and a few extra pickles.


3. I’m totally obsessed with Sparkly Soul headbands. I can’t get enough. They have special says everyday for Christmas and I want to buy headbands every day. I love wearing them because they don’t slip and I can wear them out and while I’m working out. It gives me a little something extra. I am getting a nice collection built. Look closely at the picture, I like the thin bands but they also come in a wider band.

4. I’ve been listening to holiday music non-stop on my Sirius radio. I’ve been listening to holiday soul because sometimes you just need some soul. I’ve realized that my least favorite holiday song is Silent Night. Maybe it’s too slow or just seems so slow but it’s not my jam. Coming in a close second is White Christmas and that’s because I live in Texas and white Christmas just isn’t really a thing.  My favorite song is O Holy Night; it’s just a beautiful song.  Runner up is This Christmas because it’s always upbeat.


5. Now that it’s getting closer to baby time, I’ve been looking at some races to run. I know I’m not going to be ready off the bat and I’m willing to take the time and put in the work to be a better runner than I was before. But I’m anxious to put a half marathon on the calendar so I’ll have something to work towards. I already have the Chicago Marathon on the schedule, but I’m hoping to do a half during the summer. I do plan on doing some shorter races before I do the half marathon. AND I’m looking forward to getting my BOB jogging stroller.

That’s all for this week’s Friday Five.  I’m living a life in waiting so it’s really the little things that are making me happy.  I better enjoy it before the baby rush and no-sleep club (wait, that’s already happening) starts.

What is your favorite holiday song?

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