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Determined to lose this pregnancy weight

I’m on a mission to lose my pregnancy weight.  I wish it would just roll off but it’s not. I have to admit I am really uncomfortable in my skin right now.  It’s bothering me so much but things will get better.  The first thing I did to make myself feel “normal” again was to get out of the maternity clothes.  The pregnant look was cute for me when I was pregnant; not so much anymore.


How much weight am I trying to lose?  I’m trying to lose the 15 pounds left over from the baby and then I’ll work on the 10 pounds I was trying to lose before I found out I was pregnant.  The main goal is to get back to where I started on the day I found out I was preggers.


I have to understand that this is a process.  I should have better prepared myself for the post-pregnancy reality.  I have been pretty much fat deficient for a long while so when I got pregnant I was told I needed to make a change which I had already started to change pre-pregnancy.  I had to introduce more fat into my diet which means I have a little more meat on my bones.  This is really hard for me to deal with, but I’m still pushing through.


The good news is I was cleared for exercise so I’ve been making a go at it.  The bad news is that c-section that I really didn’t want to have has KILLED all my ab strength.  This post c-section life is going to be a little rougher than I thought.  I didn’t have the strongest core strength to start with so I’m really starting all over here.  I will be doing lots of different workouts while I’m still in this recovery period. Yesterday, Baby G cried the entire time I was working out at home and when it was done, she was settled.

I did a Tone It Up workout and will continue to do those because I can do them in my living room.  I’m not sure if I can handle lifting serious weights so these workouts are good for building my strength to previous levels.


I took Baby G on a little jog/walk on my first day out.  It was like I was learning how to run again because those feet didn’t know how to come off the ground.  But I got into it eventually.  Good thing I was pushing that jogging stroller because it forces me to take things slow.  I knew if I was just going out there on my own, I would probably try to push too much.

Trying to fit in actual gym time is going to be hard. I can’t wait until I can get back to teaching my class in the morning, but I’m not prepared to go back until she sleeps a little better at night. This morning I was able to hit the gym for an incline workout. It feels good to sweat again.


My major challenges in losing the weight: getting enough sleep and getting my water consumption in throughout the day. It’s those easy things that are going to give me the hardest time but I know without them this isn’t going to be an easy road. I will sleep when I can but the water thing might give me a run for my money. Especially because I’m not really hungry, therefore, I’m not really going to stop to drink either. The more I workout, though, I see the water thing is coming back to me.

This is going to be a journey to get back to where I was but I will be patient.  I’m just so happy to be able to get back to this stuff.  Plus, my mental health will be so much better since I’m able to work out.  I’ve been extremely overwhelmed and frustrated and I know that’s due to not having an outlet for my stress.  It’s amazing how 45 minutes can my attitude.  It is what works for me.

What are some challenges you face in getting your workout in?

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