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Five Things You Should Do Everyday


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about things you should do everyday. I'm sure I'm going to come [...]

Budget friendly grocery shopping tips


We visit the grocery store on the REGULAR!  We used to go twice a week because our produce would get [...]

Dos and don’ts of strength training


I'm not expert but I had to figure a couple of things out on my own. (Always remember to consult [...]

The lifestyle change is DIFFERENT for EVERYONE

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It's different for everyone and it's going to change over time.  Keep that in mind.  I've said it many many [...]

Five steps to become more proactive


Proactive, that's the word of the week.  Last night I posted about the perks of being proactive and I'm sure [...]

Take the time to meal prep

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I stopped meal prepping when I was traveling a lot last fall because I wasn't home.  I stopped a lot [...]