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Saturday salad because I’m obsessed

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I've had a mild obsession with salads lately.  I think it's because Willie and I have been listening to food [...]

At the bachelorette party


My dear friend Mel is getting married when I'm in China so I won't be able to attend but I [...]

Try this vegetable soup on a cold day!


I've been sick but I'm trying to get on the mend quicker so I can run my second marathon in [...]

Recipe: A quick roasted corn succotash

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I've been trying to come up with great veggie side dishes because that's mostly what I eat.  People seemed so [...]

Let’s talk about snacks


A LOT of you have pointed out that I don't talk about what I eat enough. Sorry guys! I'm working [...]

I’ve been cooking


There's been so much focus on Willie cooking, I think people may have forgotten that I like to cook too. [...]