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You CAN make a healthy CHANGE

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Sometime after leaving the gym yesterday and the ride home, I got sick. I've been down and out and haven't…

I’m battling an injury


I've had a nagging injury that I kept running on for about a month. I'm pretty sure it started off…

Don’t skip your exercise warm up.


I do realize a lot of my readers are on their own journeys and don't know where to begin.  Healthy…

3 Reasons To Listen to Music During Your Workout


Listening to music during your workout can work wonders.  If you're having a bad day, turn on some tunes and…

Keep your fitness appointment


Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I went to visit my best friends to celebrate a very…

Celebrating my 34th birthday

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It's my 34th birthday! How did I start off my birthday?  By teaching my cycle class, of course.  It's the…