Every once and a while I get an e-mail asking me if I have “fun” because it always seems like I’m working out or running. The past two weeks have been filled with these types of e-mails so I thought this would be a great time to blog about this kind of stuff.

I was supposed to run my first #marathon today but last night at 6:30 pm St. Jude canceled the marathon. This morning my husband and I got up to run for the kids! I ran my first 26.2 so does this make me a marathoner? #runchat #running #run

I know it seems like I only workout or run but there is more to me than that.  This is a blog about losing 200 pounds and staying active.  My blog focus is to show people that you can do it without a fad or pill and have fun doing it.  This is just a part of me, but yes it is a large part of me.

I don’t know if anyone would be interested in my daily reality tv viewing habits or playing with my dogs or randomly breaking out in song! Ok so you MIGHT be interested in those things but if I only talked about those things it wouldn’t be furthering the purpose of We Beat Fat.

The blog is APART of who I am.  Blogging your life to the world leaves a person with no privacy.  I get spotted in the most random places at the most random times which is a constant reminder people are reading the blog and paying attention to what I do.  Therefore, there are parts of me that don’t make it on the blog.  Willie and I put ourselves out there in the world BUT the people in our lives didn’t ask for that.  I try to respect the right to privacy for them so there are a lot of things you just don’t get to know about in my life.

Now back to the main point:

Working out has become a BIG part of my life.  Most days I devote at least 2 hours to working out.  We started our weight loss journey and had to go to the gym.  We had to put in the work to get there and all that doesn’t end just because we’ve reached the place we want to be.  In fact, I think it’s harder to maintain than actually lose.  I remember being filled with some much anxiety when I was in maintain mode.  I didn’t know what to do.  I felt lost.  I’m a very goal oriented person and when I reached the place I never thought I would be…it was definitely a state of unbalance for me.


I love to run and it’s fun for me.  It gives me some freedom, space and time to myself.  It helps clear my mind.  I can’t explain it but it just feels right.  Most of the time, running is my “bonus” workout of the day and week.  There are days when I want to go run;t here are days when I just want to sit down and forget about it and there are days I just need to run to clear my head.  Running is my joy.  I run races because I like to excitement.  I like to work toward something and every race means something different for me.  Sometimes I really pushing towards a PR or learning how to take water at the stations or helping someone else along in the race who is having a hard time.  Racing allows me to combine two things I love running + travel.  I just like to go to new places and meet new people, even though meeting new people is the hard part for me.

Running is not the only thing I do.  I like to ride my bike, I teach indoor cycle at my gym.  I love to do strength training because it keeps me strong.  I also love going to Group Kick!  I feel like I’m Rocky Balboa when I’m in that class.  It’s great.  I also like going to Centergy even though I’m failing miserably at it.  It’s just later in the day and by the time I get to 5:30 pm I usually just do my own stretching routine and call it a day.  That’s a bad thing because I like the group fitness setting.


But I also love to travel. I can’t express to you how important that is to me. I love seeing new cities and trying new foods. I like being wrapped up in the essence of a new place. I want to do the things the locals do.

This summer I’ve tried to increase the variety in my workouts so I can try new things. And come September I am going to hop back on the swimming train when the pool clears out.  I will be an Ironman!

I know I could do a better job at sharing some of the things I like to do outside of these activities within reason so here are just a few things you should know about me:

1. I’m a horrible speller.  “Bad spellers of the world untie.”  That is me! I’ve never been that awesome at spelling but I do the best that I can.

2. I love all things colorful but my favorite color is green.  My favorite color combo is blue and green.  And my third favorite color is red.  Weird that I can put it that way.

3. I like to make lists.  My whole life is a list.

4. I think I come off as having a huge personality but I’m that shy girl in the corner.  It’s hard for me to go up to people and talk to them.  I’m horrible at small talk so I don’t talk just to talk.  That makes social situations really hard and making new friends even harder.


5. I like socks.  The higher the better and they must be colorful.  I have a BIG sock collection!

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This was my second year doing the Katy Flatland Century, BUT this was Willie’s first “big boy” bike ride ever. I’ve really wanted him to ride with me but road bikes are expensive. He was kind enough to let me get my bike first. He really wanted to make sure he would love the experience before he dropped that much money on a bike. So we borrowed a bike from our good friends for the occasion.


Luckily, Rodale sent me some books on cycling for beginners which we both looked through. Yes, I got my bike last year but I’m still a newbie. I know nothing about bike maintenance so I was thrilled to get these books. The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners was the biggest help for Willie. This book really broke down the basics of the bike (moving and not so moving parts), gear, technique, etc. I was really more concerned about Willie riding in a group setting and knowing the proper riding etiquette which was also covered in the book. I really made him read that chapter so he knew what to expect and how to react while we were covering the Texas roads. I also liked the chapters on nutrition because it was easily broken down for everyone to understand. Fueling is an important part of any endurance sport and this book covered it extensively. After having Willie spend some time with this book, I really thought he was ready to hit the road.


The bike ride was really fun. Last year, I had a flat in the first mile and I really could have used The Essential Road Bike Maintenance Handbook to be prepared.  I knew nothing about the moving parts of the bike or how to fix them. This year, we were off and cycling. We did see a lot of people on the side of the road fixing their bikes and I knew that I couldn’t do that type of stuff but having this book will help me get there a little faster.  The handbook talks about all the moving parts of the bike and how to maintain those parts.  The brakes, patching tires, brakes, chains and everything in between.  It’s just a nifty book to keep with you as a guide to your bikes.

Willie was getting use to the bike in the first 10 miles so he was riding a little cautiously. He was getting a feel for the whole riding culture too so I know he’s glad he did read through the books first. We were having a great time. It was pretty and not too hot yet.

30 miles in he was still smiling. This was the halfway point, obviously, and he was still having a good time. He wasn’t taking in enough fluids though. I did start to worry about that but he was still pushing through. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about the bike and the shifting of gears. It really helped out because I was able to move a lot faster on this ride. This year we finished the ride in a little over 4 hours. The entire time I was riding I was thinking about eating a sandwich though.

When we made it to an aid station I was looking for PB&J. I spotted it! I had a bite and it was soo good. And there I saw something else I wanted…

You couldn’t keep me away from the watermelon. It really hit the spot on that hot Texas day. By the time we made it to miles 45, it was hot! Everyone was lingering at the rest stops but I was reaching for the watermelon. The best rest stop was the 3rd stop but no one stopped there because it was only 4 miles from the previous rest stop.

Some of the road was rough which made it a little hard to take. For the most part, it was flat but there were some hills to dig deep. I would just grunt and think “sexy legs” as we climbed to the top. It was just really nice to be out there with Willie and enjoy the surroundings. The roads were still live so we had to watch for cars but there wasn’t that much traffic. I never understand the need for drivers to honk when they see you running, biking, etc. It really does nothing!

62 miles on the bike done! I'm so proud of my husband for pushing through his first bike ride. It was a great time! #cycling #sweatpink #fitfluential #teamchocolatemilk #iambft #katyflatlands #kfc

What a difference a year makes because last year I struggled through this ride but I still had a good time. This year I really enjoyed the ride and that’s probably because I did it with Willie. I was so proud of him because he hung in there like a trooper. He kept up with me most of the time until the last 15 or so miles. I ended up leaving him the dust without knowing it and I had to wait for him. But he still pushed through. His first bike was 62 miles, how freaking amazing is that?

Apparently people think it’s a BIG deal that Willie and I do this stuff together.  People think it’s amazing but it’s really nothing to us.  Some couples go out to dinner and movie, but Willie and I cook together and do things like races and bike rides as dates.  That’s just who we are and we love it.  He’s my best friend and there’s no other person I would love to share these experiences with in life.

What do you and your significant other like to do for dates?

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Friday is usually a more hoppin’ day on the blog but I was MIA yesterday.

The weather is all kinds of horrible today. Just arrived to work with no power. #notgood
It all started with a horrible rain storm. I didn’t want to drive to the gym in this horrible rain storm at 5 am because I’m afraid to drive in Noah’s Ark weather. It took me an hour to get to work because there was a major flash flood happening. When I got to work, the power was out which isn’t a good thing. I really had some pressing projects that needed to be finished yesterday. I had to wait around until the power came back on about 1pm which kind of through my day off.


Willie and I are doing a 62 mile bike ride tomorrow and I like to take a particular car for bike traveling. I needed to get my car inspected. I’ve been driving for 16 years and NEVER had a car fail inspection, but yesterday my car failed. I needed to get 2 back tires. The tires on my car are special order and expensive. I didn’t like having to drop that money yesterday.

#pho with friends! #dinner #carbloading #goodeats

It was a horrible day but we made it through. That’s the thing about bad days, tomorrow will be a new day and chance for us to start again. Remember, a person is defined not by the situation but how they deal with it. I was carbloading for my long run this morning so I got to enjoy some pho! It’s so good. I get the chicken broth with chicken.

#running 13.28 miles done in some #Texas humidity but there was a little breeze. Tomorrow is a 63 mile bike ride. #marathontraining #training #teamchocolatemilk #sweatpink #fitfluential #runchat #iambft

This morning I got up early to do my run. I was supposed to pull a 20 miler this week but I switched it for next week since I’m riding 62 miles tomorrow. So I only ran 13 miles which went pretty good. Due to all the rain yesterday, I had built in walk breaks when I got to the puddles. I really enjoyed the run and didn’t run with music so it must have been good. Next week, I won’t be doing that. I was scared out of my mind when I first started the run because I saw something that wasn’t a dog in the bushes. When the sun came up, I found out it was a doe. I guess she was pushed out from the woods due to all the rain.

What did you do today? What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen on a run?

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It’s time to take a wellness break here on the blog. I’m all about living a healthy life through mind, body AND soul. So let’s talk about friends. I was never the girl who had a lot of friends.  My close friends I can count on my hand and those are the people I lean on in the good and bad times.


I like to think I am a very good friend most of the time but you never really know.

A couple of days ago I was reading Kimberly’s blog and she linked to this article: 7 Friends Every Woman Should Have.  I found it very interesting and very true at the same time.  It got me thinking about the type of friend that I am.

So what type of friend do I think I am? I’m not really sure I fit into one specific category. I think I’m the coach.  I really don’t think I know everything in life but I’ve made a lot of mistakes.  I’ve suffered through some not so great moments that have really changed my outlook on life.  I’m the friend that tries to encourage and motivate people to be the best they can be.

The only downside to being the coach is coming off as preachy.  I’m a fixer.  I try to find solutions to every obstacle or problem and it’s just my natural instinct to go into fix it mode.  I’m a straight talker so I don’t sugarcoat anything.  I like to live in the world of facts and that’s probably why I like being the coach and motivator.

I post this not so you know what type of friend I think I am; I post this as a reminder to tell your friends that you love them. Best friends are the family that we choose and the term best should not be taken lightly. Friends are a huge source of support in our lives and should never be taken for granted. Talk to your friends, love your friends and be there for your friends. You may not be able to be there for every special ocassion or talk everyday, but none of that matters to your best friends. Be the best friend you can possibly be in life. It’s important!

What type of friend are you?

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I didn’t post yesterday because I guess I was too busy working out.  LOL!  It’s launch week at the gym so it’s always a busy week and I like to try all the new classes too.  Yesterday I taught cycle twice and then I needed to go for a run.

First run since the. 50k and it felt good! I think it's the @altrarunning shoes. Should have worn them on Sat night! #running #runchat #fitfluential #sweatpink #iambft
It was my first run since the 50K and I felt good. It got me thinking, “maybe it’s the shoes?” I think I should have worn my new shoes to the race on Saturday night. I really think it would have made a difference.

A couple of weeks ago I made a switch in running shoes to the Altra Intuition 2.0. I was a little hesitant about making the switch but I wanted to try them out. No stores in my hometown sell them so I had to venture to Houston to get these bad boys. I wanted to try them on before buying them online. Why was I so hesitant? Because they are zero drop shoes. Zero drop shoes put your heel and forefoot on the same level.

Every Altra running shoe features a fully cushioned Zero Drop™ platform that places the heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground. This natural balance aligns the feet, back and body posture for less impact. It also strengthens the Achilles and lower calf muscles that have been weakened over a lifetime of running on elevated heels.(Source: Altra Running).

I also wanted to try to shoe out because I have horrible feet/toe problems so I did research and found out a wide toe box is probably best for me. These shoes have a foot shaped toe box that allows the feet the sit in it’s natural position. The moment I put the shoes on, I was in love. My feet just felt better and that was really what I was after, everything else just came as a bonus. I usually wear a size 11.5 – 12 in other running shoes but in this shoe I wear and 11.  I was a little skeptical about it at first but I think it’s because my foot is able to spread out in the toe box and isn’t crunched up in the shoe.

What I like about the shoes:

  1. The shoes are light. I ran in Brooks Ravennas for a long time but the shoes was bulky. After I ran for a while I noticed I didn’t need so much support in my shoes so I decided to switch back to Asics Nimbus. Loved that shoe but compared to the Altras it’s like running with bricks on your feet.
  2. The shoe is colorful and fit for a women’s foot.
  3. I truly feel like I’m running faster in these shoes and my watch is telling me the same thing. I can’t believe how much easier it is to run in the shoes. I know a lot of that has to do with the foot shaped toe box and the mechanics that go with running in this show.
  4. It’s a zero drop shoe but the cushioning it out of control.  I expected something totally different when I put this shoe on but it’s comfortable and not stiff.  The Intuition 2.0 is a moderately cushioned shoe.  There is also a more stability shoe and more minimalist shoe.
  5. The price is right.  I paid $150 for the Nimbus and the Altras come in around $100.  I know people always say you get what you pay for, but I’m getting way more than I bargained for with this shoe.

What I don’t like about the shoe:

  1. Most stores don’t carry this shoe.  I don’t recommend buying the shoe without trying it on and doing the research behind it.  Running in a zero drop shoe takes some transitioning and may not work for everyone. Make sure to ask questions and really try the shoes out.
  2. The shoe strings are not what I’m use to in a running shoe.  The shoe strings are more lightweight and stringy OR maybe I’m just use to the other shoe laces.  This is easily fixable though by buying new shoe strings.

That’s it.  I REALLY like to shoe.  I wore the shoes on my short runs the past couple of weeks and I used them for the back half of my long run the first week.  I was really iffy about the size of the shoe so I wanted to put them on after I had been running for awhile and my feet were starting to swell to see how they would do in a situation like that.  I had no problems with the size.

When I first started wearing them my heels and calves hurt very badly, but the guy at Luke’s Locker told me to give it some time.  That was normal when switching to a zero drop shoe.  I did give it time and it started to bother me less and less.  Now it’s not a big deal.  What was a big deal was switching back to Nimbus this past weekend to run the 50K! It really sucked and hurt so bad and I couldn’t understand why until I went running in my Altras yesterday.  I just didn’t want to attempt a 31 mile run in my new shoes I hadn’t road tested that well, but now I’m starting to think that was a mistake.  It may have been a better experience for me if I would have just ran in my new shoes!

If you’re thinking about making a switch to zero drop I definitely think you should try out these shoes.  Embrace the space and run on!

What shoes do you run in? What do you love most about them? Ever thought about trying a zero drop shoe?

*This opinions are my own.  I purchased these shoes myself for my own benefit.  Paid or sponsored post will always be identified but this isn’t one of them.  I’m just a fan of the shoes.

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I’m late posting this morning because I was sidetracked. I hate it when that happens.

I'm ready for #elscorcho. The madness of running in the dark! #runchat #fitfluential #teamchocolatemilk #sweatpink

On Saturday night, I ran El Scorcho. It’s a race that typically starts at midnight but if you were doing the 50K option, you had the choice to early start. You have until the sun comes up to finish the race. Why is the race at night? Because we live in Texas and it’s hot!

The race seems to be pretty well organized. Packet pick up was a breeze and the ride to the park wasn’t bad either. They even had volunteers to drive you from the parking lot to the race start which really wasn’t that far. It was kind of like a big party because people set up tents and camped out. Everyone was really friends.

The logistics: it was a 3.1 mile trail loop around the park. You have to keep up with your loops yourself, which kind of was a problem for me. I’m usually a person who is in bed by 8:30pm so this was a big problem for me. I miscounted my loops a couple of times.

El Scorcho is a great race, but during that time I decided that ultramarathoning isn’t for me. I’ve been doing this for the wrong reason. I did it because I thought this was the next step for me in my running, but I really don’t think it is. I started to hate it. I was in a foul mood and just wasn’t having a good time.

Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?
Am I wrong for saying that I choose another way?
I ain’t tryna do what everybody else doing
Just cause everybody doing what they all do
If one thing I know, I’ll fall but I’ll grow
I’m walking down this road of mine, this road that I call home

In the end, I don’t think I was doing this because I wanted to do it; I was doing it because a lot of my running friends were doing it. It’s just not for me…right now. My big problem is I have NO desire to stay on my feet that long just to be running. I LOVE running but this might be taking it too far for me. I think maybe if I were a bit faster, this wouldn’t be a big problem for me. So maybe in the future, after I’ve really worked on my marathon time and improved, I MIGHT try this again. The entire time I was out there I kept thinking this is just taking too long.

When I was done, the first thing I thought was there is no way I’m doing a 50 miler in December. I’m taking it off the books! Being an ultramarathoner is just not my goal in life. When I close my eyes and think about what I really want, I want to spend my time on becoming an Ironman and not a super endurance runner.

Last night I decided that I am NOT and ultra marathoner. It's not in my heart and have no desire to do it. #runchat #running #runners #fitfluential #sweatpink

Here are some things I did right:
1. I wasn’t really tired for the event, so taking the naps was a good thing.
2. I handled the bug situation very well. I was coated in Avon Skin so Soft and that stuff really worked.
3. The heat really didn’t bother me and that’s probably because I had been training in the heat and humidity. Also, I had done a great hydration plan.
4. I beat my marathon pace by 13 minutes which was great.
5. I was heavily lit up with a headlamp that I never used and knuckle lights. I only fell down once.
6. I prepurchased low fat chocolate milk. I figured they wouldn’t have it at the finish line and I knew the stores wouldn’t be open at 4am when I finished. It was so great to have that when I was done. RECOVERY has been a huge issue for me lately and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right.

The wrong side:
1. I definitely didn’t fuel my body right. When my watch clicked off I didn’t fuel at that time and chose to wait until I got to an aid station which kind of messed me up. I’ve been trying to get away from the GUs and try real food when running, but this was a mistake.  I’m sticking with the GUs and all the GI problems that come along with it. I was chasing it the back half of the race.
2. My watch doesn’t last that long so that kind of sucked. Hence the reason I got my loops messed up.
3. They said they were giving out gatorade on the course but that wasn’t gatorade. I usually come with my own electrolytes but I passed on it this time because I was just going to use what was on course. Shouldn’t have done that.
4. I don’t think I fueled up well enough post race. My carb loading consisted of eating Subway salads and I really think that wasn’t enough. I should have gone for some pasta or something.

BUT it was an enjoyable experience and something I would love to do again.  So next year I’m definitely doing El Scorcho BUT i’ll sign up for the 25K instead and still have the experience.  And I’ll have a tent to really enjoy it.

So it is better to have tried and failed or not tried at all?  Tell me what you think.

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I am not the person I want to be, but that’s ok.  I may never be that person I want to be because once I get to where I’m going, I always see something else.

Our weight loss journey
I wanted to lose weight and when I did lose the weight I wanted to run a half marathon.

I conquered the bridge and completed the half marathon in a personal best. So PROUD of myself right now.
After I ran a half marathon, I wanted to run a better half marathon.

Refueling at RnR Denver finish!
After I ran I better half marathon, I wanted to run lots of half marathons and travel the country.

I was supposed to run my first #marathon today but last night at 6:30 pm St. Jude canceled the marathon. This morning my husband and I got up to run for the kids! I ran my first 26.2 so does this make me a marathoner? #runchat #running #run

After I traveled the country to run half marathons, I decided I wanted to run a marathon.  After I ran my first “unofficial” marathon, I never wanted to run a marathon again.  BUT I was already signed up for another marathon a month later so I ran it anyway.

After I ran my first official marathon, I decided to run lots of other marathons.  Marathons then turned into ultramarathons and I’m eyeing an half ironman now.

I tell you this to let you know that it’s OK to be a work in progress as long as you’re working! I will always be chasing after something because that is just the person I am.  I am a goal oriented person.  It keeps me moving, it keeps me alive! It’s my reason for being a work in progress.

This weekend is coming up on another one of those work in progress moments for me.  I’ll be running a 50K (31 miles) in the Texas heat at midnight on Sunday!  When I signed up for this I was super excited for it.  My enthusiasm has weened a little bit about this race but I think that’s because I have removed myself from racing for a little bit.  I need to feel my racing spirit.  I have a couple other races this summer but I definitely needed to summer to regroup and relax. But I’ve been working towards this…so it’s a work in progress.

Are you a work in progress? What are you working towards?

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Proactive, that’s the word of the week.  Last night I posted about the perks of being proactive and I’m sure a lot of you missed that post.  Here’s your chance to go back and read it before you continue with this post.

Are you a proactive or reactive person? Do you let situations control your life? I like to think I’m a proactive person NOW but I spent many years being reactive.  That wasn’t a good place to be.  I didn’t realize this until later in life but that is when I decided to make a change.  A few years ago, it’s like a switch went off in my head and I realized I needed to change my way of thinking.  I needed to love myself so I could be truly happy.  After that, everything started to fall into place after I changed into a proactive attitude.

Today is all about being #proactive to #achieve your #goals. The link is on the profile for the blog. Check it out and get on with being #awesome! #iambft #fitfluential #fitbloggin #sweatpink #runchat #running #motivation #goalsetting

Here on my suggestions on how to become more proactive:

1.  Stop complaining and making excuses.  These things lower your morale and confidence and waste a lot of time.  Being proactive doesn’t always mean being the most optimistic person in the room but it is about being productive.  Complaining about a situation or person just takes up time and is a reactive behavior. A proactive person will make the best of every situation and complaining about how something is unfair, untrue, not right, etc. doesn’t exactly solve a problem or move you forward.  Making excuses for something means you aren’t moving forward because you’re making excuses for the things that didn’t get done or didn’t happen.

2. Write your goals down on paper.  This is definitely a case of seeing is believing.  It’s been said the most successful people in life write their goals down.  If you write down what you want to accomplish, it’s there in front of you.  You can see it.  You can touch it.  You can remember what the end result!  Also, writing down your goals makes them a little more permanent.  I suggest everyone write down your goals for the rest of the year and put them up in a place where you see them every day.

3. So you’ve written your goals down, now what? Make a plan and stick with the plan.  This allows you to look at all steps in achieving your goals AND plan for an obstacles that may block you along the way. You start with plan A, but you have Plan B, C, and D in place just in case something does happen that you can’t avoid.  The most important thing to remember is you want to take control of situations and not have the situations control your actions.  When you have a plan laid it, it’s easier to tackle the situations with a sound mind and head!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get the answers you need. Asking questions is a big part of being proactive because you’re taking charge and finding the information you need before someone gives it to you.  Don’t wait for someone to hand you the answers, go out and find them.  Get in contact with the people who you know can help you achieve your goals and really ask the right questions.  If you don’t get the answers you need, keep asking and don’t wait for someone to come to you.  Remember, that’s reactive behavior.  It may seem like you are being pushy or impatient but you’re not.  (Handle this with moderation and not in an overzealous type of way.)

5. Be persistent.  Don’t let one closed door shut you down.  When a door closes, open a window.  That is why it’s important to make a plan so you know how to continue to be proactive.  Look for every option in a situation and keep trying, something will work out but you’ll never know unless you keep trying!

You might be asking why I’m stuck on being proactive right now? Because it’s important and I really need to be a little more proactive about some things in my life.  I hate to keep coming back to this but I want to become a triathlete; I want to do a half Ironman.  I’m not accomplishing this goal because of many reasons and pro-activity is a big reason. I’m being reactive to situation by letting my pitfalls control me.  I’m letting fear dictate my moves here.

Being proactive will make your life better and applies to all avenues of life.  Work, family, weight loss, healthy living, working out…it’s something that can be applied in all facets of life.

I want everyone to achieve their goals so I’ve decided to share my goal planning worksheet with you.  No lie, I actually use this thing.  This past weekend, Willie spent an entire car ride going through the sheets with me because I made him fill these out.  It may seem like a nonsense, but I truly do think this is a useful tool. Print it out and start achieving your goals by being proactive.  Don’t forget you can always contact me for help or guidance when filling out the sheet!

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If there is something you want in life, you MUST go after it! It’s time to be proactive. Sometimes talk is cheap!  It’s time to stop talking and time to start doing something.

 “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

I posted this quote on Facebook this morning and it got more likes than any post I’ve posted in a long time. There’s a reason for that…it’s the truth.


Setting goals is a GREAT thing. I never want to detour anyone from setting goals, but at what point do you start to put those goals into actions? Once you set a goal, it’s time to immediately start taking the steps to achieve that goal.

So what does being proactive mean? It means you’re taking the initiative to control a situation. It means you are the master of your destiny and taking responsibility of your life. Proactive people are affected by their actions which leads to less over reactions. A proactive person is choosing to make decisions to better themselves or a situation instead of letting the conditions dictate their lives.

It’s time to stop being reactionary and letting bad conditions dictate your life.

Remember no situation is impossible. You are defined not by your situation but how you deal with a situation.

Don’t wait until you’re backed into a corner to make a change or a decision because that is being reactive.  Being proactive is deciding to make the change now.

If you want to lose weight, don’t wait until you’re in a medical bind to do it.  Choose to take control of your destiny and your happiness now by developing a plan and STICKING to it. Take control of the situation before it takes control of you.  A proactive person doesn’t wait for someone to answer their questions, they seek the answers themselves.

But that goes for any situation.  If you’re not happy in life, you change that by being proactive.  If you want to run a marathon, be proactive, find a plan and start training.

Willie wanted to learn how to cook, so he did his research, joined an online cooking school and now he’s actually really great!

Most importantly, proactive people are always looking to the future and never in the past!  The past has already happened and there’s not you can do to change the past, BUT you can change the future by taking control.  It’s all about taking the first step in a forward direction to lead you down the proactive path.

Remember you can do anything you want to do in life if you believe and make a plan to achieve!  Don’t waste your time talking about what you want to do. In the words of Nike, “Just Do It!”

What is one thing you are going to be proactive in achieving by the end of the year?

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Life is about finding balance right?  You may only think I’m doing active things or working out all the time but there’s more to me than just that stuff.  BUT working out and BEING ACTIVE are FUN things for me.  Everyone once and a while I have to take a break and just enjoy life though.  Life is that thing that happens when I’m not working out.

This weekend I went to my best friend Shelby’s baby shower. I “hosted” it with my best friend Mandie, but I’m going to throw it all on her. I bought some decorations and put them up and made the invitations…she did everything else. I didn’t even get into to Mobile until an hour before the shower was supposed to start. Mandie did an amazing job!



There was lots of food but I couldn’t eat much of it. But I totally owned the fruit and veggie tray. I took ownership over it! It was MINE…and a little bit of Willie’s too!


Willie and I shared a piece of cake. It was REALLY good. Most of the time when you get these fancy cakes they don’t taste that good but this one was great. Or maybe I just haven’t had real sugar in a long time, lol!


We made a very short trip for this shower because I needed to get home yesterday to meal prep! I had a meal prepping fail but we’re going to eat it anyway.


So I may be a little hard on myself. I made my first from scratch enchilada sauce yesterday because the stuff in the can is loaded with sodium. I thought making it would be the easiest way to cut that out. My sauce was too thick and it was really dark. Maybe I’m just use to the stuff in the can though. We had enough left over for dinner last night and it wasn’t bad at all, but it was spicy!  But the black beans were on point.  I’ll definitely have to post the recipe for those this week.

I really wanted to do my best to make a healthier version of the enchilada because sometimes I do miss the mexican food.  It’s always loaded with cheese and sour cream and I think I came up with a healthy alternative for this.  There are some things I need to tweek before giving out the recipe for this though so check back later for that.

So what’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?  And what is your favorite mexican dish that you might want to see a healthy alternative for?

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