Happy Friday everyone!  I hope this week has been kind to you because it’s been a pretty good week for me.  I’m feeling a little off my game because there has been no running and definitely no running in my weekend plans.  It’s just kind of odd for me since it’s something I’ve been doing a lot of for the past 8 months.  I’m taking the self-imposed zero week because I really just think I needed it.  I’ve run 5 marathons and several half marathons this year already.  My medal rack is overloaded, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s what I love to do.  So what have I been doing in the in between time?

Giving the stink face while tackling 220 flights of stairs on the stair machine. Sadly, #thegreatwallofchina will have more steps than that. #training for the Great Wall of china marathon is rough! #fitfluential #runchat #travel #tripofalifetime
On Wednesday I decided to tackle the stair machine while giving the stink face. I climbed 220 flights of stairs but I know there will be more to tackle on The Great Wall of China! This is one big reason I have backed off the running this week because I wanted to focus on upper body strength and stairs.

Endurance isn’t a problem for me. I’m an endurance athlete. I push myself to keep going. But these stairs killed me. Within 5 minutes I was sweating so bad. When Willie saw me, he kind of thought something was wrong with me. We parted ways with me telling him, “I hope I’m dead when you’re done with cycle class.” It was that serious but I know this is something we will face at The Great Wall of China Marathon! It’s coming soon and I’ve been working hard on getting over my stair anxiety!

Yes, I kind of panic when I see stairs. I think it’s a lingering issue from being overweight. Stairs make you winded and I did my fair share of falling down stairs during my 20s! I’m really hoping to be able to run up some of those ancient stairs. That’s what I’ve been training for this entire time!

Thursday is usually veggie burger night in our house but I wanted to skip it. It use to be my favorite meal of the week, but not so much anymore. I find myself wanting to skip it a lot lately. I was satisfied with my grilled chicken breast and veggies. It was delicious especially with some of that sauce Willie made for the salmon the other day! I slammed it!

Rolling this morning in @dmac2102's class! It was a great way to start the day! #fitness #workout #fitfluential
This morning I strayed from my usual routine to attend a cycle class. It’s kind of weird sitting in the back, but I didn’t feel bad about taking a picture if I was in the back. My 5AM workout is usually Group Power when I’m not teaching but I’m still feeling sore from the week. Between the Group Kick on Tuesday and the Group Power on Wednesday, I couldn’t lift my arms. I’m just trying to make sure I’m not injured because sometimes it’s easy to think the good sore is a bad sore. The fact it was still sore this morning tells me there might be a little bit more to the problem.

It was a great class though! It was a good way to start off the day!

This weekend I will be spending the time with family and friends. I have to make some food so check out my instagram over the next couple of days. I’m not sure what tomorrow’s workout will bring though. Might be time to work in some hill repeats. I know that I am excited to be at home for the first weekend in a long time though. What I really want to do is an Easter egg hunt. But I don’t think that’s acceptable as an adult! :-)

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Have you already done an Easter egg hunt?

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I’ve had people ask me this in person and through e-mail.  I’m here to settle the subject.  I don’t post about my food anymore because I eat the same things all the time.  It’s not interesting.  It’s really about convenience with me.  Eating the same thing might be a little boring but I know how long it takes to make it and exactly what is in it.

That being said, when I eat something different I’ll be sure to let you know.

Willie made dinner! #salmon #peas #healthyeats #healthy #dinner
Willie made some salmon on Tuesday. That’s another reason I don’t post pictures anymore. I don’t really cook. I make Willie cook. You know why? I spent 3 years of my marriage making every meal we put in our mouths because Willie wouldn’t even boil water. Now he likes to cook so that takes some relief off me.

The salmon was good. He put some mustard, balsamic vinegar sauce on it and it was DELICIOUS. Probably took about 15 minutes to make the whole thing. It was done by the time I was done chatting it up with my buddy! My original plan was to made a little veggie medley with it but Willie pulled out the wrong peas so I rolled with the flow. It was good all in the same.

So I eat the same things everyday and I really don’t cook anymore.

When I do eat out I eat the same things: pancakes (after races ONLY and always with sugar free syrup), Pho because it’s delicious, Indian when I’m looking for a splurge and Greek to carb up for races. How many of those pictures do you really want to see?

Apparently, you want to see all of those pictures.

Lentil soup and pita

Maybe you want to have a “she’s just like me moment” which is fine with me. Just know, I’m just like you. I struggle, I celebrate, I laugh, I cry, I eat, I stress out, I work out and just have a good time like most people. What makes me different than you? For the most part I eat pretty healthy.  Lots of veggies, very little meat.

The bigs! The ladies got big cups.
I have a frozen yogurt addiction. Seriously, I have a freaking problem that I need to get under control. My friend doesn’t help me keep it under control either.  She encourages the froyo eating.  BOO! I run marathons so I can partake in froyo!  MY SECRET IT OUT!

See, so I’m just like you. I eat. I just don’t eat a lot of things I THINK is worth posting.  But I could be wrong!

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Sunday I ran the Austin 10/20 with my running friends.  I didn’t realize so many of us were running! There was a huge group which always makes for a great picture.


I won’t lie, this race isn’t my most favorite race in the world. But I like the atmosphere and the people which essentially end up making it a great race. The course is uber boring. The Austin 10/20 is 10 miles with 20 bands. There are a lot of people who run this race and the bands are pretty good. I stopped to take pictures of my favorite bands.

Representing the local running groups here. Sunday was the day for Tyson to join in on the running fun. It’s always nice to run with your friends.


When the race started, I was really relaxed about it and I didn’t expect too much. I was probably too relaxed at the beginning. I stopped to take pictures of the bands. I stopped to listen to some of the bands. I was there to have a good time. When I became less interested in the bands because they didn’t seem to be matching the bands in the program, I started to run. By the time I started to run, I was already off my time from last year. Can’t win them all, right?


It was cloudy and humid because a rain storm was brewing. The water stations didn’t seem to be manned very well so I was glad I wore my hydration belt. I did like how they gave out cold rags on the course. I needed it! My favorite part of the race was running through The Domain even though none of the shops were open. But a group of ladies stopped to ask me if I was the girl on TV and we took some pictures. I was hoping to get a hold of at least one of those pictures but no one has fessed up to them yet. So if you’re reading this blog, it was a pleasure meeting you and I would like the pictures we took! You can have your own personal spot on the blog (too bad it’s not worth much but a shout out)!

When it was over, I was glad it was over. I couldn’t wait to cross that finish line! I finished the 10 miler in 1:48:23 which was 7 minutes off my time from last year, but it wasn’t a big deal for me. I just wanted to run. As it gets hotter, I am going to be less cheery about getting out to run so I have to do it while I can.

Jesica did a great job too with finishing in 1:59. Tyson wasn’t too pleased with his time but we run this races for fun…and you’re going to PR every time. But wait? I do believe this was his first 10-miler so he can’t be that upset about it because it’s a PR!

So what did I like about this race? The shirts are way better this year than last year.  The medal is a good quality medal even though I liked last year’s better.  But a good quality medal is worth a lot in my book!  I like hearing the bands a long the way, except band #3 (I think) who decided to go unplugged for this event.  That was pretty much a horrible idea because no one could hear you! I did like how they changed the race start this year so it wasn’t so jammed up at the start. This is truly one of those races where you’re never running alone because of all the people.

What I didn’t like about this race? I didn’t get the shirt size I registered for me and neither did my friend.  The water stations really weren’t ready for the massive amount of people.  And that stupid race start with the median in the middle of road.

I’ll be back to run it next year though!

And of course, there was more chocolate milk! Two weeks until China and this weekend brings some hill repeats!

Aiesha Tyler  and Willie

While I was running this weekend, Willie was meeting Aisha Tyler. How freaking cool is that? I know he is NOT SAD he missed running this weekend!

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This weekend was full of races.  On Saturday, I ran the Zooma Women’s Texas Half Marathon in Bastrop, TX!

We’re all crazy. Half marathon on Saturday, 10 miler on Sunday. We had to get up super early to make it to the race but when the sun came up we were all optimistic.

Missy was running her first 10K. I think she’s going in the wrong order though. 10K first and then the half marathon, but she missed the memo in New Orleans. So we got a selfie before the race started.

At the starting line I had no business lining up with these two but I did anyway.  I didn’t keep up because there was a hill in the first .30 of the race. It sucked. I knew what we were in for and it was humid as all get out. At that point, I decided I was going to take it easy at this race. Take it easy = walking every hill there was in the race.  Yep, that actually happened.  After this race, I decided I’m going to include hill repeats in my training from now on.  Parking garages, here I come!

I ran behind Dawn the entire race because I couldn’t run next to her. The stride for stride thing sometimes makes me a moody runner so I thought I would follow behind her. And she was using her Jeff Galloway timer thing. She’s the reason I made it through the race.  The hills were INSANE.  I’ve never seen hills like this before.  They just got steeper and steeper as we continued on.  I would get over one and get to the next one and think, “are you kidding me?”

The race didn’t flatten out until mile 8 and by then we were all dog tired from the serious inclines that were happening. We’re from southeast Texas where we are below or at sea level at all times. We are use to humidity but not the hills. This race was through the country side and it was beautiful. There were parts that ran through the resort on the golf course, which I could have done without because it was so bendy. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world though.


In the end, I finished is 2:27 and I was happy with that. This was the hardest half marathon I’ve ever run and I’ve run a lot of half marathons all over this country. This was hard, but I liked the challenge. I’m already looking forward to next year when I kick this race in it’s face!

We all survived, even Dawn who was feeling a little queasy at the end. I hung with her to make sure she was ok, but she finished like a champ! She’s awesome.


And then on the way out, we saw bluebonnets. Apparently, Jesica didn’t want to poop in the bluebonnets like Missy and me. The tumblr is hilarious!

It was a great time and don’t think the men weren’t running this race.  There were a lot more guys running this than I expected!  I enjoyed chatting some of them up a long the way.


This race gave great swag: a hat, a nice tech tee and features socks.  Plus the after party was cool with wine and girly things to buy.  It was a good time.  The post-race food wasn’t that great but the coffee bar was a great thing.  I didn’t have any coffee because it was just too hot to even think about having it. When you were done running, there was an area set up for foam rolling, massages and yoga! Truly an event for the ladies and it would have been a great girls weekend type of place. Next year I will do it better!

Shout out to Missy for finishing her first 10K in 1:16. She’s moving on up the running ladder. I wonder what time she’ll get in December with her half marathon?

And of course, there was lowfat chocolate milk when I was done. I needed to recover for my 10 miler the next day. That 3 to 1 carb/protein ratio is important to bounce back. After all, I’m still training for the Great Wall!

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I started thinking about my running and the entire journey to this point. There are many battles along the way and the truth is I didn’t win them all. It’s hard to set out on a path and have everything mapped out and things don’t go the way we planned. It’s hard to come to terms with it. Sometimes things come out better than the plan but sometimes it just completely tanks. That battle is lost but you’re still a winner.


I’ve been searching my soul on something to blog about for today besides my race recaps. I don’t want to overload everyone on race recaps and that be on the only thing on the blog. Running is NOT really what the blog is supposed to be about BUT if my running posts inspire people to push past their boundaries then it works.

When we started on our weight loss journey it was hard for me. For every 25 pounds Willie lost, I lost 10. People noticed his change long before they noticed mine. It was a blow to my self confidence and motivation but I just reached from within. That made me work harder to achieve what I wanted from the situation.

Every time I go out there to run, I want to be better. I want to be faster than I was in the previous race. Realistically, that’s not going to happen and it’s something I’ve had to learn to deal with. I’m not going to run every race the same because every race is different. That is one thing I have really learned this year. One race will be super hot and the next one will be winter storm.

Sometimes, it’s just about finishing what you started. It may not turn out the way we wanted but quitters never win. And sometimes winning the battle may just mean making it to the finish. Not quitting, not getting discouraged to the point of quitting.

If you don’t lose with this week, it’s ok. There is always next week. Just regroup and keep pushing forward. Don’t let the little bumps along the way stop you from achieving any goal you may set out in front of you. If you don’t finish, you’ll never know and when you do finish don’t be defeated because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to happen.

Growing as a person includes falling sometimes. If we don’t fall, we won’t know how to pick ourselves up. When things come to easy, we don’t appreciate those things. When you truly work for something, hit the bumps AND FINALLY ACHIEVE what we wanted, it feels so good. It feels better than good.

So we may not win every battle, but that doesn’t mean we can win the war! Keep pushing through those difficult times because there will be an end and you’ll be proud of yourself when you reach it.

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All this traveling has gotten me off my routine. We’re getting so close to China and I realize we’re prepared but not prepared. I’ve been training for the The Great Wall of China Marathon but the weather is getting a little hotter and it’s starting to affect my running. It’s that time again.

Learning some Mandarin Chinese for the trip! #travel can't wait to #run #thegreatwallofchina! #tripofalifetime #runhappy #thankful #chinese
So when I need a break from the running, I practice my Mandarin Chinese. Let me tell you folks, it’s not easy learning this stuff. It’s hard work! I just need to know enough to get by and to make some notecards.

This week has been really busy at the gym because it’s launch week! I always love launch week because new excitement is in the air. Everyone is pumped up and ready to try something new! I teach Group Ride so I had to learn the new routines which wasn’t bad at all. Most of my friends have to learn multiple releases because they teach a gazillion classes. I also like launch week because we can team teach and it’s just fun to have someone else energy up there with you on the stage!

I haven’t been doing much running since I ran a marathon last week. I had a few aches that I wanted to let rest for a couple more days. Yesterday I went out for my first run since Saturday and it wasn’t fun. But I need to get out to run so this weekend, I would suffer from dead legs. I’m doing two races this weekend: Zooma Women’s Half Marathon and the Austin 10/20! It’s a total of 23 miles, no biggie. Hey, it’s not a marathon! :-P

Last night Willie was up to no good and made his pizza dough. I wanted something different so I made a breakfast pizza with veggies and egg whites. I’m getting the hang of this pizza thing now. I cook the spinach first so it doesn’t water down my pizza! I actually enjoyed the pizza with eggs on it though. It’s not something I’ll try every week but it was a nice change!

What do you like on your pizza?

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This week I’ve been focused on being positive because I’ve had a little dark cloud following me around for a couple of weeks.  Positiveness really works because this week has been so much better than the weeks that have passed.  I’m smiling, I’m happy and I’m looking forward to what the future brings…and I’ve just started to look at things differently.


And then I saw this floating around Facebook the other day from Chris Freytag! I know that if I work on these areas my life with head in a positive direction everyday. All of these things are things I struggle with and I see a lot of you responded to this when I posted it on FB.

You know how I am; it doesn’t mean anything unless you’ve said it out loud and/or written it out. I’m huge on accountability so I’m laying out my plan to change right now for you guys to see it AND HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!

1. People Pleasing: I always say my main values in life are to be a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt…whatever in life. Where these things are important to me, they shouldn’t be what I base my personal character on. This focuses on pleasing others above myself. Most of my stress in life come from not wanting to let someone down or not being there for them. That’s a huge case of the people pleasing and I will find a way to step away from this. Not by being selfish but finding the happy balance between pleasing myself and pleasing others.

2. Doubting myself: I do doubt myself but this is something I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. For the most part I’ve pushed past my mind barriers and will try a lot of different things, but it still creeps in my mind.

3. Negative talk: I do it, we all do it. We see something we don’t like we say something bad about it. Whether it’s about ourselves, work, other people…it happens. I will fight against the negative talk by focusing on the positive first. Really, I will just take a moment to see the beauty in every situation and dig deep to find the positive even when it’s not on the surface.

4. Fear of Failure: I stopped swimming last year because I wasn’t good at it immediately. I was afraid of failing so I literally put my hopes of being a triathlete on hold because I was afraid of failing. If I don’t try, then I’ll never know. I have reawaken my dream to be a triathlete and my half Ironman dreams! It will be the one thing I focus on so I don’t fail. Failure comes with no preparation or work, and right now failure is not an option in my life. It’s time to live and I won’t let fear stand in my way!

5. Criticizing yourself: This is probably my biggest offense! When I don’t do something right the first time I get upset. When I don’t fit everything in the day, I get upset. I do criticize myself a lot. Worst of all, I sometimes criticize myself out loud. When I doubt myself, I criticize. I am my own worst enemy. Instead of criticizing, I need to work on learning the lesson from each success and failure. This might sound crazy but after I PRed in Dallas, I should have been happy with that but I wasn’t. I was upset that I didn’t hit 2:10 in my half marathon. I criticized myself for everything I did wrong on that path. That did me no good though because when I race another half marathon I’ve already planted the doubt in my head that I won’t do it because of the mistakes I made before. I REALLY need to work on this. I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid which probably means i have some other issues too. But I’ve changed so many other things, I can change this too!

6. Saying yes when you want to say no: I have a hard time saying no to people. I want to be the dependable trustworthy gal. When I say yes, then I overload myself with other things. I want to fix everyone’s problem. I also have a problem with saying no and then feeling horrible about saying no. Even after saying no, I spend time trying to figure out how I can say yes to what I just declined. It’s so stinkin’ hard. But this plays back into being a people pleaser and not wanting to let anyone down. I need to work on saying no without worrying about giving an explanation. I also need to realize that sometimes it’s just best to say no and keep moving to avoid stress and fatigue.

7. Procrastination: I don’t put things off as bad as what I use to do, but I still put things off. This does nothing but add stress to life. This is weird because I’m a huge planner and like to know what’s going on long before it happens. BUT I do put off important conversations I need to have with people because it’s just hard to deal with things. Basically, anything that is truly important but hard to deal with will be put on the back burner until the last possible minute for me to deal with them. I need to start tackling problems head on and not letting it wait until the last minute when everything is a ticking time bomb!

Do you need to work on any of these things? Which of these is your great offense? How will you try to remain positive in your daily life?

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On Saturday, I ran my 5th marathon of the year!  On Friday, I didn’t want to run the marathon.  Saturday morning, I was a feeling a little better around running the marathon, but I still didn’t want to do it.  To be honest, I didn’t want to run another marathon until China. A half marathon would be fine, but no fulls.  Physically I’m capable of doing it, but there is a huge mental toll the marathon puts on you and I’ve just been too busy which left me mentally tired.  I sucked it up though because the race directors were really nice. And I’m definitely one of those, once I’m registered I’m in people!

Marathon Maniacs at it again! Hello Irving Marathon! #runchat #runhappy #running

Race morning the weather was pretty good. There was a zero percent chance of rain, cloudy and the high was in the low 50s. Nothing really to complain about. The race started and ended at the newly constructed Irving Convention Center. The bathrooms were clean it was easy to get to. We were even running a tiny bit late but still managed to use the bathroom and get to the start line on time.

The first 4 miles of the race sucked. I was questioning why I ran period much less marathons. I didn’t even think we would make it the half cut off. It was BRUTAL. The whole idea was to make it in before 6:22 which was the Little Rock Marathon time. This was supposed to be an easy week for me. I was just running to be running. It was supposed to be fun. Before it was fun, it got real. That’s when I decided that I’m taking a mental break from the marathon. After China, no more marathons until October!

Things took a turn for the better when we made it off of the main street and hit the trail. It was beautiful. We turned some music on and we worked that interval timer. Thirty second walk breaks don’t last very long, but two minutes of running seemed to go on forever. We were making it work. We saw the other maniacs on the course and it was like we were royalty. Cheers and hand slaps the ENTIRE marathon! It was a good time.

In this race there were two major out and backs. The first one wasn’t so bad. The second one was a little painful, but I’ll get to that later. The first out and back pretty much followed the half marathon course and since it was on a trail, it was a lot of people crammed onto one path. Once the half marathoners hit the course, it got crowded very quickly. I think they said 1800 people ran the race which was a 5k/10k/Half Marathon/Marathon with 290 people running the marathon. Once we set into our rhythm things were good.


The aid stations and volunteers at this race were amazing. I was a little bummed there were no energy gels on the course. There was one aid station with bananas and oranges in the last few miles and we attacked it so hard. We legit wasted 5 minutes just eating and talking to the volunteers. Also, there were little exercise stations on the trail. We had to stop and waste some time with those!

The second out and back was on the trail for a little bit but hit a residential neighborhood for something like 10-11 miles. Little did we know that was going to be the last port-o-potty stop! My need to use the potty set in way after my friends need but when we finally made it the turn around at mile 16 things were getting serious. There was no where to go. Thankfully, we passed by a hockey area and they were having a game so we stopped in to use the bathroom there. Otherwise, this race would have been disastrous.


On a good note, after we left the area I realized we were running on Cowboy Pkwy. So I had to stop and take a picture! Right outside the training facilities for you Dallas Cowboys fans. That’s what I love about running these races, it’s a great way to see the city.

We were doing good and we were going to come in long before our goal before that stop. At that point, we just wanted to finish. It was windy. But I’m proud to say I made it through miles 16 without having any problems and my friend made it through mile 18 without any hiccups. Those are huge victories in our book! Those are our breaking points but there was no breaking on Saturday.


We crossed the finish line at 6:04:20 and no one was there. LOL! There were people there, the people who motivated and tried to help along the way. Sadly, I think some people we tried to help didn’t finish the marathon. We passed two guys at mile 8 that were really having a tough go at it. I wonder if they turned off for the half marathon course because we didn’t see them in the end.

Marathon #5 in the books! Strictly for fun. Started out really bad but we made it to the end. #runchat

Most importantly, we crossed the finish line and shed no tears! It started out pretty rough but it came together in the end. Another training run for China in the books!

This was a great race. I think the race directors for everything! They really took the time to think about the runners, except for that whole restroom situation on the out and back! The course was pretty. The volunteers were amazing. This would be a good race for a first time marathoner too. Be careful though, you might be spoiled at expect all races to be this pretty! It had some rolling hills that were a little rough but for the most part it was flat. I will definitely do this race again next year.


When we were done we headed for pancakes and chocolate milk. We need to refuel our bodies because this weekend is a big weekend. Zooma Women’s Half Marathon and the Austin 10/20! That’s 23 miles folks so it’s necessary to help cut that recovery period in the right way! Lowfat chocolate milk is soo good!


The only bad thing was, we couldn’t eat that much after we finished. Most of the food ended up in a doggie bag. Pancakes are so great after a race! And it’s the only time I allow myself to eat them with sugar free syrup of course. These aren’t so bad though whole wheat with cinnamon! I didn’t eat the butter though.  They always supply too much.

My medal from Saturday's Irving #Marathon. Recap on the blog! #running #runchat #fitfluential #finishstrong

It was a great race weekend and I had a really great time.  This is race for everyone so I hope to see you out there next year! The medal is really cool too! Probably going to hit the 2014 favorite pile!

*I was provided with a half price bib for this race but the opinions expressed in my blog are solely my own.

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If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with watches so it’s only natural that it translates into my workouts too. I do pick out my watches before I get dressed in the morning, but for my workout it, it’s a little different.  I’m a huge numbers gal.  I want to know what’s going every minute of my workout.  If I don’t have it I feel lost.  I wish I was more zen, but I’m not.

My cycle class double whammy today! Taught my two cycle classes and now I'm ready for lunch! #fitness #fitfluential

When I’m not running I use the Polar FT40!  This is probably the best heart rate monitor I’ve had.  I used many but this one satisfied all my needs.

What I love about this watch:

  • I FEEL like it gives me a more accurate calorie burn.  It calculates my V02 MAX and uses the height and weight ratio.  I’ve had some cheaper watches that showed I burned more calories than I know I did.  Of course I don’t know how accurate it is, but I do know this is close enough for me to feel “OK” about it. It’s really just a guesstimate anyway, but I need it to survive the workout.
  • It’s got pretty flowers on it.  You can’t see it because my watch is black but it’s also offered in WHITE.  But it adds a little girlishness in it for me so I enjoy it.
  • It holds a lot of workouts.  I like to go back to see my progress from workout to workout and this can take me way back.  I’m a nerd and I admit it.
  • I can also set my workout zones and it will alert me if I’m not working hard enough or working too hard. This can get pretty annoying though if you don’t want the constant alerts.  I cut them off most of the time because I just hate hearing the thing beep at me.

I started with the Polar FT4 but I eventually had to move on from it.  I like getting wrapped up in the numbers and it just wasn’t doing it for me.  The FT40 is a higher priced watch around $180.  It comes with the chest strap, heart rate sensor and watch.  The only thing is I hate polar watches because I can never seem to change the battery in the heart rate sensor so I end up buying a new sensor instead of a battery.  I think I’m going to have to take it to a pro though because I’m tired of buying a new sensor every time it goes out.  Obviously I work out a lot so it goes dead.

If $180 is too much, try the Polar FT4 for $75.  It gets the job done but without all the hoopla!


For running I have used only two running watches.  If you’re not for all the bells and whistles I do recommend the Nike Sportwatch with GPS!  I think you can probably get this watch for $125.  It was so great.  I loved it until I started marathon training because I wanted to be fancy, but I’ll talk about that later.

What I love about this watch:

  • It’s easy to use.  All you need to do is charge the sucker up and connect it to a computer and you’re ready to go.
  • It gives you all the basic information that you need for running.
  • It seems to be the watch of choice among my friends.  It has a great interface for social media with friends.  I miss competing for miles with my friends every month.  Sometimes it just pushes you.  This is one thing Nike does very well.
  • I love the colors it comes in.
  • I never really had a hard time connecting to the GPS.
  • I could connect it with my polar heart rate monitor after buying a nike plus heart rate sensor ($70).

What I don’t love about this watch:

  • It’s not a great watch if you’re doing serious training.  It does the basics of interval training so that’s a plus but it doesn’t give me much else.
  • You can’t change anything on this watch without connecting it to your computer.  Need to change the date or time? Gotta do it on the computer.  Left your watch on intervals but want to change it back?  Too bad, you have to get to a computer.
  • Battery life isn’t that great but it’s not really a bad thing.
  • If you’re using the shoe pod for running on the treadmill with it, it’s great.  But you really have to calibrate that footpod on normal runs.  The footpod is $30 and when it’s dead you have to buy a new one.

It is raining but the #run must go on! #runchat #fitfluential #sweatpink #runhappy
This is my current running watch. It’s a Timex Run Trainer 2.0! I was kind of duped into buying this at an expo in November. Probably wasn’t the best time for me to change my watch since I was seriously training for my marathon. I did it anyway. The price of this watch without the heart rate monitor is $249.

This watch has a lot of bells and whistles that took me a little longer to get use to. I was use to the simplicity of the Nike Sportwatch but this Timex watch was a different beast. I hated it in the beginning but I love it so much more now.

What I love about this watch:

  • It does everything I need it to do.  There are different screens for me to shuffle through during my run.  Best of all, these screens are customized by me.  I know what I want to know and it lets me pick from a extreme list of things I want to know while I’m out during a run.  AND I don’t have to be connected to the computer to change it.
  • This watch can tell me when to eat and drink.  I don’t use the drink alerts because I think I can remember to drink on a race.  Keeping a consistent fueling plan is always hard for me though.  I can set the watch to remind when I should be refueling to help me through my longest runs.  This is really helpful for me.
  • I can view my split times while running.
  • I don’t have to wait for the watch to shuffle through a list before I know what time it is.  With Nike I had to wait but I don’t have to do that now.
  • I feel like this watch is a little more accurate with GPS and my stride than the other watch.  I also use a footpod with this one for when I run on the treadmill and I know it’s definitely accurate.  I use the cadence setting.
  • Intervals and speed work are a breeze with this watch.  Easy settings and easy to control my workout!

What I don’t love about this watch:

  • I travel a lot to run so when I’m jumping from city to city it takes a LONG time for the GPS to connect.  I really hate it because I always forget about it when I’m at the start line and I’m always worried my watch won’t connect before we get started.
  • On a cloudy day, GPS signal just isn’t going to happen.  I know this happens to a lot of people but I find this extremely problematic with this watch.  HATE IT!
  • When the battery dies on this this, it will let you know.  It dies a very slow and LOUD death.  The only way you can fix it is if you plug it in.  That doesn’t work well when you’re on a airplane and your watch is dying.

The uploading interface Timex uses in Training Peaks.  It’s not as fun as Nike+ but the data is so much better.  I can’t stress to you how much detail is in those reports.  That may not matter to you but I’m a numbers gal!  I absolutely love this watch though and I would recommend it to anyone.

In fact, I’ve tried to recommend it but a lot of people love their Garmins.  I’ve never had this watch die on me in a race situation and I’ve never had problems with it charging.  I just really love this watch so I may have been duped but it was worth it.

I hope new runners or people trying to set up their workout game find this helpful.

Do you use a heart rate monitor and/or running watch?  Which do you have and what do you like about it?

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A positive attitude can take you many different places. A positive attitude will take from the darkest day to the brightest star in the sky. It’s sometimes hard to get to that positive point when things are down in the dump. But everything is achievable, including a great attitude on the worst day.

From Bryd Baggett

From Bryd Baggett

I love this quote. You can download the wallpaper at byrdbaggett.com

I’ve been dealing with some stressful things lately, but I haven’t really let it keep me down. I’ve been a little absent from the blog because of these issues but I was trying to keep myself busy. I wasn’t trying to focus on the negative and I felt like I just needed to keep moving. I didn’t want to stress eat which would have made things a lot worse.

Remember there is a positive side to every negative thing! When we’re seeing red, it’s hard to see blue. So when you’re having one of those bad attitude moments, just take a minute to think of the positive side of the situation. Yes, you may have to reach a little deeper to find the positive, but it’s always there…I promise!

A bad attitude will ruin a lot of things so why not stop it before it starts? Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your judgement, your emotions or your relationships. Remember everything happens for a reason and even when it sucks there is a greater plan. What really makes a person is how they deal with the not so good times because everything is always roses and sunshine.

Literally, let’s all take the time to stop and smell the roses or even find the roses. Let’s appreciate life and all that we are given. Let’s find the good above the bad and let’s truly cherish those things.

What is something positive about your life you wouldn’t mind sharing with me?

Me, I’ve been blessed with a great husband who loves and supports me in all the crazy things that I do. Most importantly, though, he makes me laugh when I don’t want to smile.

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