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For some reason people are saying that Willie and I were on The Biggest Loser. I’ve been stopped four times in two days of people asking me about the show. Sorry folks, we weren’t on that show. The social aspect of the show would have had us voted out in the very beginning.

But the lovely lady at Sam’s Club did ask me what the biggest game changer in losing all the weight. I didn’t even flinch when she asked because I know portion control was the biggest learning experience of it.

Please pay attention to portion sizes. Read the labels and just get educated on the information. There’s lots of information on those labels but right now I’m just talking about portion control.

A standard size for an animal protein is 4oz. That’s not as big as what you think, BUT it’s not so little that you feel hungry. The standard serving of fruit seems to be 83-100 grams. Most leafy greens have a huge portion size for limited amount of calories.

That muffin you’ve been eyeing might only be 200 calories but you have to look at the portion size. This is especially true when it comes to your liquid calories. I’ve read many times many people gain weight while trying to lose weight due to their liquid calories. That’s why I mostly just stick to water. It’s the calorie free drink and you can have as much as you want.

I still weigh out most of my food so I know the proper portion so a good scale is a handy thing to have.

Do you have a food scale? Do you worry about portion size?

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I don’t know if y’all remember my trip to the Walgreens Way To Well Tour over the summer, but it was a really great experience.  It’s very important to get your numbers checked.  And the best thing about the Walgreens Get Well Tour is it’s free!


I am partnering with Walgreens to promote the tour because it’s coming to Houston from October 23 – November 1.  This is your chance to get your numbers checked. This is a great preventative health and early detection service.  Don’t be afraid to check your numbers.  It’s best to be in control of your health and this is taking the first step.

Tests include total cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, body mass index, body composition, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, real body age and body weight.  Collectively the health tests, valued at over $100, are administered to adults age 18 years and older by certified wellness staff and can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. The tour gives important insight into visitors’ overall health.

If you want to find out more about the tour visit the site.  Willie and I will definitely be making our rounds to the Way To Well Tour next weekend and we hope to see you there.

Getting your numbers checked is very important but it’s also important to live an active lifestyle.  I want people to get up and move! I want people to enjoy life the healthy way.  It’s never too late.  To help you get started on your journey, I will be giving out a FitBit Flex courtesy of Walgreens.  Plus, you can connect your FitBit to your Walgreens Balance Rewards account and earn points.  You basically are getting free money just by being active!

The contest will end next Tuesday and all you need to do is leave a comment telling me how many steps you think you take in a day. You can get additional entries by doing the options below.

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I’m traveling to Washington DC tomorrow and guess what?  I’m sick.  This is the worst possible time for me to have anything.  It could be worse though because I did get a flu shot. I’m pretty sure I’m sick because I was in milder temps this past weekend and then returned home to the sauna.

That’s why I’m behind on the blog stuff. I’ll be catching up shortly.

Starting off my day the right way with a workout! Please excuse the expression on my face, I don't know where that came from. What's your workout for today?
I woke up yesterday feeling ok. I got up to teach my class. There was nothing unusual going on there. Just a good ole cycle workout.

Feeling a little "little house on the prairie" today. #fashion #skirts #blue
I even wore a skirt yesterday. I must have been in a good mood. It might have been that Little House on the Prairie feeling that took over me. But as the day progressed, I started to feel bad.

I left work early and fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. Willie came home and I think I went back to sleep again.

This is what sick on the couch looks like. Gotta get better before DC on Thursday. @williebeatfat made me a smoothie cause I can't eat.
He fixed me a smoothie because I couldn’t eat anything and then I think I went to sleep again. The next thing you know it’s 5am. So I’ve been pumping my body full of Vitamin C and OTC meds because I’m running the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday and I have to be well.

What’s your sick time remedy?

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Happy Monday!  We got in from St. Louis late last night.  It was a good weekend and I’ll recap it later in another post.  This post isn’t for that that.  Traveling to St. Louis with Willie was kind of an eye opening experience for me. Or maybe just a huge surge of energy into my system.

I’ve been floundering through life for the past couple of months.  I really thought it had only been a few weeks but if I look back on big picture, this moment has been coming for a long time. I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck on a path that isn’t leading to a path of happiness.  With the weight loss, I feel like I was given a second chance to really love life.  I feel like I can do anything if I try hard enough.  I just don’t feel like I’ve been trying.  I’m not a risk taker.  I’m a rule follower.  I do what I’m supposed to do and that’s that.

I’ve been on a quest to really find my happiness and to find myself.  I’ve been living my life doing the things that truly make me happy with the people who make me the happiest!

I felt like for so long I was unhappy with life, relationships, my weight, my job that I needed to be happy ALL the time.  The sad reality is: no one is happy all the time.  The more times I spent trying to make myself the best and happiest version of myself, the more I failed.  It was like I was trying to prove something instead of just being happy.

St. Louis RNR

This weekend as I walked the St. Louis streets with my husband, I knew exactly what my happiness is in life.  Yesterday, sitting at a table enjoying a snack with Willie as we plotted out life, I knew my happiness would be achievable. I knew would find our happiness together.

Willie is my best friend.  This is nothing new.  But I know that I am truly blessed to have married my best friend because we sat at a table plotting out life and happiness and he didn’t even blink an eye thinking about how crazy the plans we were setting in stone. Willie said, “It’s time to explore the off beaten path.”  In that moment, everything came into perspective because he got it and there was no explanation needed.

The explanation of it all sometimes leads to more discomfort.

Playing around at the ballpark...#rnrstl #stlouis #travelgram

I’m getting to the point now, I promise.  My happiness lies with pushing myself past what I thought could ever be done.  It’s personal.  You may not understand it.  It may not appeal to you.  But 4 years ago, I was 338 pounds and growing and I never thought I would travel, walk the streets of a city without fatigue or even want to run. It’s time for me to step out of my box and live.

I’ve decided I am going to try to join the 50 states marathon club.  Willie and I are happy to explore and see new things.  We definitely happiest when we are doing these types of things.  And we all know that I LOVE to run so I will attempt the 50 states marathon club and travel our beautiful country with my husband (most of the time)!

Travel and running are a passion.  I can’t explain it but it’s something I think about ALL the time.  It’s probably not normal.  My free time is spent looking through travel guides and finding new places to visit…and then immediately looking up to see if they have a race for me to run and some great local culture for Willie. Most people won’t identify with it and I know people won’t understand it. At the end of the day, it’s not for you really to understand, but I would appreciate you taking the journey with me. I want to talk to different people, I want to hear their stories and I want us to share ours.  I need to get out and live life!

This is my goal.  This is going to make me happy.

If you really stop to think about it, what is the one thing in life that will make you truly happy?

Never stop growing.

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Continue to grow your hopes and dreams. I wish I could grow a couple of inches taller but that’s not the type of growth I’m talking about here.  The minute allow yourself to stop growing is the moment you shut yourself down.

That’s the moment you start to settle for being mediocre. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

Willie use to call me an overachiever; he has stopped that now.  I think he understands the inner workings of mind a little better now.  He too wants to keep pushing past the walls he set for himself.  I remember Willie telling me he would never want to run a marathon.  Guess what? Now he’s training for a marathon!

There’s nothing wrong with being an overachiever.  It’s used by people as an insult, but what is so insulting about wanting to achieve more than I’ve already done?  To me that’s nothing.  That’s me growing as a person, discovering new things and wanting to experience all that life has to offer.

Never stop growing. #fitfluential #sweatpink #fitBloggin #growth #dreambig #dream

Don’t pigeon hole yourself in the “idea” of what should.  There’s no harm in trying something new.  You might discover that you LOVE it or really decide that you hate it.  But you will never know until you try and it will end up being a learning experience in the end.  This is the perfect chance for some personal growth.

It’s also important to learn more about yourself.  You communication style, anger management, self esteem level, etc. so they you can continue to grow as a person.  Learning and adapting the good and bad behaviors can and will make a difference in your relationships with others and the relationship you have with yourself.

You are your own best friend.  Love yourself and growth is just a way to do it.

 I want to be better than I was yesterday and the day before that.

Every day, I say those words to myself. It’s important for me to keep looking forward to the ways I want to grow in the future.  That is what keeps me going and pushing past my fears and the walls I put up that I thought I would never climb.

Don’t settle.  Just keep moving.

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Writers block has got me down.  I don’t know what to post here.  I have lots of things going around in my head but I can’t narrow it down.  Maybe I’m lacking focus…or maybe I just want to share something new with you but I just don’t know what.  It’s about evolution, but I guess I’m still trying to narrow in on who exactly I am. I’ve been taking it easy because I know the next couple of weeks are going to crazy BUT exciting.  Yes, there will be more travel and running posts.

So what’s been going on in my little boring life?

80s day spinning
It was launch week last week at the gym which means I was busy teaching a lot more classes than normal. In my classes, I had a 80s spin day which went over really well. Everyone loved the glow sticks!

Buying lowfat @gotchocolatemilk for my #cycle class. It's a hard workout that needs a good #recovery! The right ratio of carbs to protein to get you moving. #workout #teamchocolatemilk
The next class, we refueled with lowfat chocolate milk and granola bars! That’s what everyone wants to eat after a good 5am workout, right? Lowfat chocolate milk has the right mix of protein and carbs scientifically shown to refuel exhausted muscles and help return to peak potential.  Plus it’s a tasty way to rehydrate and help replenish critical nutrients lost in sweat.  Everyone knows I sweat A LOT!

Sleeping #dogs on a rainy day! #lazy #instadogs #petstagram #rescuedogs #muttstagram
Yesterday was a slow work day so I went home early to play with the dogs. Except we must have gotten our signals mixed up because when I wanted to play, they wanted to sleep and vice versa.  Oh to live the dog life.

And lastly, I got some good stuff in the mail. Let me tell you about it:

Mail goodies
First off, I finally got my NutriNinja. This has been a long time coming but it just popped up on the doorstep last week. I was pleasantly surprised but now I don’t know what to do with it. I think my first Nutri Ninja project is going to make salad dressings that I can share with my wonderful readers.

I won a copy of The Happiness of Pursuit from Kimberly at Manifest Yourself. I was so happy to get it and wanted to read it immediately, but life has gotten in the way. But I just realized I’ll have plenty of time to read it on my flights soon! I will report back on the goodness in the book.

And lastly, I got my Team Inspiration shirt! I am running the Marine Corp Marathon representing Team Inspiration. I am very excited and honor to run for such a great cause. Cancer is something that has struck my family with my mom’s diagnosis 3 years ago. This is my time to honor all those who are beating cancer every day and still challenging themselves through endurance sports. It’s an amazing charity! A big thank you again to everyone who donated to the cause. It did not go unnoticed!

So I guess that is all for right now. What’s the best thing you’ve gotten in the mail lately?

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Good morning everyone!  I’m getting back on my workout routine.  I went to Group Power class this morning and I almost died.  Everything is an increased weight factor and it was hard.  But I made it through.


I wanted to stay in bed but I got up to go.  Sometimes you just have to make yourself get up and do it. I was definitely feeling this way this morning.  I hate these ecards but it was the best thing to use this morning.

Yesterday was a nice day because I actually had time to do stuff.  We did our grocery shopping and made all the food for the week very quickly.  Maybe because it’s going to be short week for us.

I'm making chili. #sundaysetup #fitfluential

I made chili because I desperately want it to get cooler.  By making this pot of chili, I hope the weather drastically changes so I don’t feel bad about eating chili when it’s 87 degrees with 100% humidity outside. I will post the chili recipe soon, I promise!

So here’s what is cooking this week at our house:

Breakfast: No surprise. Egg white muffins and overnight oats.

Lunch: Chicken sausage chili with wild rice and OKRA!

Dinner: Chicken and rice.

Snacks: hummus, greek yogurt, celery, luna bars and fruit

Willie made this chicken and rice dish that smelled amazing. I really wanted to eat it last night and I could have but we had left over chili. It smelled so great! He really knows how to develop some flavors. Hopefully, he’ll tell you all about it soon. If he doesn’t, I’m going to post about it.

I think I’m going to give up on Larabars for a few weeks. They are delicious and good but for me, they aren’t filling. It doesn’t stick with me and sometimes a girl just needs a snack that is going to stay with her for awhile. Now, I’m in search of new snack ideas.

This week we’re headed to St. Louis so it’s a short week!  I am very excited for the next few weeks of my life.  It’s going to be filled with some amazing moments!

What’s cooking for you this week?

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Since I’m going to be doing A LOT of traveling from now until the end of the year.  I decided that I should get a flu shot.  I think everyone should get a flu shot.  I also thought it was wise to get a flu shot because I’m also running a few marathons and that’s going to tear down my immune system.  After running these marathons, I’m going to have to get on a plane too.

Before I got any further, GET A FLU SHOT!

Flu shot

I got my flu shot. I first went to Walgreens because I wanted to get some points for getting my shot but apparently, they don’t take my insurance. It took them almost an hour to figure out they don’t take my insurance. So I drove on over to the CVS Minute Clinic, waited 20 minutes to see the nurse, 1 min to discover they DO accept my insurance and 1 min to get my shot! My point is, it doesn’t take long at all to make sure you don’t get flu.

There are two options when it comes to getting your flu shot: the regular flu shot or the high-dosage shot which contains two strains of A & B flu viruses. Without insurance, the cost of the flu was $31.99 for the regular vaccination and %51.99 for the high dosage. I was prepared to pay for the full amount because I know I really needed a flu shot. I haven’t gotten a flu shot in 3 years. Don’t make my mistake.

I was so glad it didn’t take too long to get the shot because I was starving. I ran out of there and wanted to eat everything in sight. I should have eaten a snack. But now that I think about it, I had a snack in my car. Epic Angie Fail.

But I got the shot.  Have you gotten your flu shot?

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It’s time to stop and think for a moment.  What’s the best thing about you?


So many times we get lost in the shuffle of worrying about every day life or caring for others that we don’t stop to think about ourselves.  There are many times when we admire so much about others but don’t take the time to see what others might see in you.

This week someone special posted this on my facebook wall:

In case no one has told you lately you are amazing and inspiring.

My first thought was this was so nice of her to say this to me, but I am neither amazing or inspiring.

I just don’t see myself in that manner. I don’t do anything special and I just hustle my way through life doing the things that I want to do. That’s the honest truth. I really don’t think about myself that much.  I think about me accomplishing my to do list everyday, but outside of that…nothing.  That’s probably really bad.

Others see this as something special and I’m learning I need to take note. I guess this is a lesson to everyone, even when you think people aren’t watching…they are. Sometimes they are following your lead and sometimes you just might be giving them the push that they need.

To me, I’m ordinary. I’m boring. I’m overly sensitive. I’m the girl standing in the back of the room who doesn’t know how to talk to people.

I sometimes come across stand off-ish, but I have a serious case of BRF!

But for all those things I know I am so much for than that. I’m extremely loyal. I care deeply about the people in my life. I like helping people (even though it frustrates me to no end when I can’t help someone). And I know I’m one determined person. So that’s the best thing about me.

What’s the best thing about you?

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Hello my friends!  I’m boring this week.  I’m living for the little things.  I’ve been really busy at work (both jobs) so I have been looking forward to spending a minute at home.  Meal prep happened very quickly this week by eating some old favorites.  But I was looking forward to making something with my pumpkin that has been sitting on my counter since Friday.

Got a #pumpkin to make some pumpkin butter this weekend. What would you make with pumpkin? #fitfluential
Last Friday, we did the grocery shopping for the week because we went to Tyler for the race. We wanted to make sure we had our groceries when we returned. That’s when I decided to get a pumpkin. I’ve never done anything with a real pumpkin before so it was exciting.

Tip: Don’t get the big pumpkins because those aren’t for cooking. Those are more for decorating. Find the small sweet pumpkins or pie pumpkins.

#pumpkin in the oven. I'm making something but in not sure yet. Any suggestions? #fall #fitfluential #healthyeats
So last night I finally roasted the sucker. I Willie cut it in half and I scooped all the seeds and guts out. I saved the seeds for a nice roasted snack. I sprinkled it with cinnamon because I LOVE cinnamon and I let it roast in a 375 degree oven for 35 minutes. I think my oven was running hot yesterday because I didn’t have to scoop anything out. The skin just came right off. I’m not complaining.

But now I have a conundrum. I don’t know what to make with the pumpkin. I pureed it down and let it cool so now I have a pumpkin puree. I also have a butternut squash puree too. I took it to social media yesterday about what to make and I got a lot of soup suggestions. The only problem is, I live in Texas and it’s still hot. I’m not in the mood for soup. Any other suggestions?

I was thinking of making a pumpkin butter but if I do that, I’m going to need a lot more pumpkin to fill up my crockpot.  A lighter version of pumpkin butter because all that kind of stuff is soo good.

Have you ever roasted your own pumpkin? Do you like pumpkin at all? Willie hates it but I have a feeling he’ll end up eating it anyway.