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At the bachelorette party

My dear friend Mel is getting married when I’m in China so I won’t be able to attend but I was able to go to her bachelorette party last night.  Well at least half of it. Since you only really hear about me working out and such I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show that I do in have a regular fun life.


It’s nice to put on regular clothes with people who only see you in running gear! We all clean up very nicely. Any opportunity to put on real clothes I’m going to put it on. And I finally had a chance to wear a skirt I bought last year and never wore! I was HAPPY!

There was table side guacamole. It was delicious!

They put those ridiculously big chips in there though. I passed on the chips. I shared the guacamole. I didn’t eat it all.

I had veggie fajitas which is a foreign concept for me. I knew nothing about it until my friend told me about it. It was very good though. Loaded with the veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onions, zuchinni and probably something else. It was good and not really oily either. I skipped the sour cream, cheese and beans though. They didn’t have black beans.

Tackling the stair machine with @williebeatfat! #training in progress! #china #travel #greatwallofchina
This morning Willie and I hit the gym early to do some stairs. Let me tell you, it’s weird not doing a long run on a Saturday but I’m still in my zero week mode.

So what are your Saturday plans?

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