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WIAW: Eating in Indianapolis at Fitbloggin

Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday focusing on the food I ate in Indianapolis at Fitbloggin.  I didn’t expect the food scene to be that amazing in Indy but there was some great stuff there.  Lots of different varieties of food to choose from so it was always an adventure.


Thursday I went on a pre-conference excursion to Lifetime Fitness.  They had food for us to enjoy after our workouts.  Of course, it was stuff made in-house and is sold at the gym.  There was chicken salad and other lunch meat sandwiches which I can’t have so I just enjoyed the guacamole and greek yogurt.


That night we had our opening night mixer and I enjoyed a bison burger.


I also enjoyed a great piece of blueberry pie.  It was peer pie pressure. Or I just wanted to eat it and I did and I enjoyed it. Treat yourself.

Breakfast was a little disappointing at Fitbloggin.  It wasn’t what us Fitbloggin’ alumni where use to because we always had a full breakfast.  This year we got a yogurt bar.


This was my first time having Siggi’s Yogurt and it was good.  It’s kind of like greek yogurt but a little thicker and less sugar.  Siggi’s is Icelandic yogurt.  I’ve seen it at the grocery store but never tried it because it had a steep price on it.  The plain yogurt was 100 calories per container and most of the flavored yogurts were around 130 calories and 8-11 sugars. This stuff is loaded with protein.

Lunch! Greek salad minus the feta. So good and great company! #healthyfood #healthy #lunch #fit #healthyeating #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitbloggin #fitbloggin16

For lunch we traveled a couple of blocks to Patachou which was a brunch spot. The menu was loaded with great omelets and french toast and breakfast sandwiches. All things I wish I could have enjoyed but I wanted to be good. We went there two days in a row. The first day I had the chicken Greek salad with no cheese and turkey chili.

The second day I got a chicken cobb salad minus the bacon and cheese with turkey chili again.

That night my friends wanted Mexican food so we went to this totally hip place called Nada.  It was a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant.  The group ordered guacamole but I didn’t eat any.  The chips were a little funky…and a whole lot of greasy.

I ordered a salad (shocker) with no cheese and bacon.  I didn’t miss it much though because there was a creamy lime dressing (kind of spicy), avocado, tomatoes and black beans.  I also got a side of black beans and rice (for some reason there was no picture).


After that dinner I walked around a bit and decided that I want a soft pretzel.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I wanted and needed the carbs.  I got it unsalted with sweet mustard.

Sorry for not having any pictures from my final meal with my friends. The conversation was great and I completely forgot to take pictures. We went to Shula’s which is a steakhouse. I can’t have undercooked meat and there was no way I was paying $50 for a well done steak…and I wasn’t going to pay $30 for chicken or salmon. Luckily, I could enjoy a chicken sandwich for a reasonable price but what I really enjoyed was the crab mac & cheese. I split it with my friend and it was the most decadent thing I’ve had in my life. Once again, sorry no pictures.

So that is what I ate…there were some cheats in there but of course it’s about balance.  We still have to enjoy life and some of the good things, I just can’t eat those things all the time.

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