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The time I grew a human

Things happened very quickly and I really thought I was going to have another week to work on my blog. Last week things went very different than I imagined, but the best part was meeting my baby girl.

Growing a human

That’s right, I grew a human and I finally got to meet her last week. She’s perfect!

We are doing well and so thankful for everything. I’m on a workout break which is going to be something hard for me to deal with. This will be the longest period of time that I haven’t worked out since I started my weight loss journey. I’ll be back when I’m cleared but I need to make sure I recover properly before worrying about working out again.

I’ll be starting a new weight loss journey to lose this baby weight. Thankfully, I didn’t gain that much weight and I only gained 36 pounds. I was worried when I got pregnant that things would get out of control but I was able to keep it in check for the most part. So a new journey begins now.

One last note, I don’t think I’ll be posting pictures of Baby G on social media. It’s a complicated situation because people write random stories about us and I just want to be able to control where her pictures appear online. We opened ourselves up to this because we were given the opportunity to share our weight loss story, but she didn’t choose to be a part of that. Right now, it’s just not something I am 100% behind right now so I’m going to trust my gut right here. I did post the one picture because I did speak about my pregnancy on the blog. That will be the one picture that you’ll get. I might change my mind later but this is where I stand right now.

I will keep you updated on everything but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting before the new year. We are still getting adjusted to taking care of a little one, but I might be able to squeeze some posts in. It is 3:30 am and I’m writing this, so you never know.

Did you get anything great for the holidays?

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  • How wonderful! Congratulations Angela!!

  • Lisa

    Congratulations! My first child came a week before Christmas and was perfect, even though he wasn’t supposed to be here until after the new year started. Enjoy your baby! The time seems to go so slow but so fast – they aren’t little for long!

  • Robin Elam Wiergacz

    oh i wish we could see her, congratulations everyone!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Brown

    Congrats to you and your husband. First let me say, I’m old and old fashioned so this social media feels foreign and scary. Having said that, I have adult children who post pic, updates and news about their children. I understand the draw toward social media but mostly it makes me uncomfortable. So if you feel that draw, remember children need protection and sometimes need to be shielded while you love and nurture them. Take good care.