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Forgotten Five Things Friday: Halo Top, LilleBaby and Kinedu

Happy Earth Day!  I wanted to get out and run this morning because I haven’t run in two weeks due to concentrating on returning to work at the gym.  I’m ready to get back outside and I thought Earth Day would be the best time to do it.  Well, life had other plans and I didn’t make my run.  It was just too warm for me to get out there.  I’ll try later because I’m not going to waste the day.

I missed my Five Things Friday so I’m going to give them to you on Saturday today.  Normally, I would just skip it but I need to post on the blog, otherwise, you don’t know that I’m here.  So here it is, my Five Things Friday: the delayed version.

This was my first full week back at the gym.  I was a ball of nerves because my fitness level isn’t the same.  I don’t want to waste anyone’s time getting a workout, especially at 5am.  I just wanted to make sure I was being fair to everyone that came to class.  The week went well.  I don’t think anyone was complaining about their workout.  In fact, a few people said it was tough.  It’s always nice to get feedback and I know as time goes by things will reach a new normal.  Don’t give in to fear or the things people say you can’t do.


I tried a new flavor of Halo Top this week.  Let’s just say I was surprised to go to my grocer to find so many different flavors.  These flavors are new to me because our local stock is usually pretty limited.  I was surprised to see Lemon Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Oatmeal Cookie.  I couldn’t decide which flavor to try.  I really wanted to try to Red Velvet but I passed because the calories were just a bit too high for me.  I settled on Oatmeal Cookie and I really liked it.  The stuff is $5 a pint and the calories are usually around 280 for the entire pint.  I suggest you give it a try because you just might be missing out.


I found this great app for baby development called Kinedu.  There are daily exercises you’re supposed to do with your child  to help them develop throughout the year.  The app focuses on different areas of the brain to stimulate with these exercises.  So far, I’m impressed.  My only problem is I choose to wrong time to do the exercises with Baby G.  I usually do them in the evening because that’s when I have the most time with her, but I might need to do them earlier in the day when she wants to play more.

Headsweats is launching their National Parks collection of trucker hats.  Y’all know I love a good trucker hat and these are no different.  For every trucker purchased, they are giving 20% of the sale to the National Parks Foundation.  Plus, Headsweats is getting us in on it too by letting us pick the next hat.  You can vote until April 30th for the next hat to be added to collection AND win a chance for a $100 gift card.  How awesome is that?  Head over to http://headsweats.com/national-park-collection to get more information and to vote.


This week I got my new Lillebaby Baby Carrier.  I will post a full review of it later, but I’m absolutely loving it.  It’s great to be able to take Baby G with me on walks or just doing stuff around the house when she wants to be close.  It’s easier than pulling out the stroller sometimes, too.  I did lots of research on these baby carriers and I knew it was important for me to have something with airflow.  Baby G usually runs hot and we live in Texas where it’s hot all the time, so I decided on the LilleBaby Airflow Complete.  Plus, it’s kind of cute so that matters too.

These are the things I have been loving this week.  What has caught your attention this week?  I’m always looking for new things so please share in the comments.

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