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19678612070_444163581d_zHi, my name is Angela! My husband and I were pushed into the spotlight when our weight loss story hit the web due to this small little blog. People wanted to know what we did the lose weight and I wanted to give a place to answer those questions so We Beat Fat was born. We lost weight together and our story does interwine so much but this little place on the web is all mine. And it’s fine because the husband has carved out his own little piece of the web for himself.



Now the site has evolved into something more. Losing 200 pounds has changed my life by allowing me to do so many more things. I beat fat and I feel in love with running and traveling. I changed my relationship with food and I’ve learned to appreciate a great meal, in moderation. I love to take pictures and I am definitely a creative soul. We Beat Fat is documenting the process of living after weight loss. The site is documenting a life that needs to be lived and shared. But most importantly, We Beat Fat is a site that will show you that dreaming big and working hard for those dreams will take you far.

I’m putting my own spin on a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about being physically healthy it’s also about the mind and soul being strong too. When I embarked on the weight loss journey, I never knew that life would be so different. It’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. A change I am grateful for.

On the site, you will read things about motivation, goal setting, weight loss, healthy living but you will also read about my daily life, running adventures, the food, and the many places I am yet to see…or even some repeat places. We Beat Fat so that I could live in this world and this what I will share with you.

Never be afraid to contact me with questions that may aid you on any journey you are embarking on. I may be moving on to a new chapter in life, but I can’t deny that I weight almost 350 pounds and lost weight. It is deep rooted in the person I am but that is not all that I am. There is so much more to me as there is to you and I hope you stay around to read/watch it all.

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