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Five Things Friday: tips to avoid food temptation

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Halloween just passed and we're on the cusp of holiday season.  There will be comfort foods, cakes, pies and all [...]

Tips for gaining focus


I'll cut the small talk and just be honest, I have been lacking focus. I'm easily distracted and that has [...]

#TourdeAngie has begun with my airport food hacks


I had big things planned for the blog this week but then life got really busy.  It was launch week [...]

Don’t skip your exercise warm up.


I do realize a lot of my readers are on their own journeys and don't know where to begin.  Healthy [...]

Staying safe when you take your workouts outside


Last week a woman was running in the wee hours of the morning and she was attacked. Her attacker tried [...]

Christmas presents for your health minded person

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Next week is Christmas.  Have you done your shopping?  I haven't done much shopping at all.  I should probably get [...]