Change is a part of life that we can’t really avoid.  Things change on a constant basis, including the weather.  I can’t believe we were hit with two ice events in 6 days here in southeast Texas.  I was cooped up in the house for a couple of days which really gave me a chance […]


I guess today is a little inspirational post. Over the course of my marathon training, I’ve struggled with doing things for myself. I’m sure a lot of you struggle with this too, especially when others who are dependent on you. I don’t have any children but I’ve been left to task of caring for my […]


Being in the public eye comes with lots of benefits like being about to share our story and inspire others but it also comes with haters! There’s been a huge surge in coverage on us and the haters are out and I’ve been the focus of some of their hate. I am blessed that our […]


I’m sitting here at Starbucks with my iced coffee prepping the blog for the week.  I wanted to take a minute to talk about the issue of being special after receiving an e-mail from a reader a couple of weeks ago.  The e-mail basically told me that I thought I was above everyone and I […]


After running the Austin 10/20, Willie and I were honored with state resolutions on the floor of the Texas State Capitol.  Our weight loss achievements are now a part of Texas state history!  This is/was such a honor for us and definitely a moment we won’t forget.  We were honored alongside our friend Richard and […]

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Losing the weight has been one of the biggest accomplishments in life. Everything seems so attainable and there is nothing I feel like I can’t do. I’m opening up more to people which means I’m making new friends. I’m trying new things, so I am developing new interests. Most importantly, I’m taking risks that I […]