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meal prepping

Meal prep and the chicken


Now that I have a little bit of time I'll continue talking about meal prepping. The biggest question people talk [...]

Meal Prep 101: The Basics


*This is the first in the series of meal prepping posts I will be doing on the blog. I think [...]

Setting up the week


Good evening everyone! I've been meal prepping all day. To be honest, I've been trying to prep for an extended [...]

Now that I’m not running…


I have a little bit more free time.  Things have settled in our house.  Willie is officially a marathoner and [...]

The king of grocery shopping


I spent the weekend with my best friend in Mississippi while Willie stayed behind to handle the dogs!  He also [...]

The fastest meal prep I’ve ever done

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When I travel, it's really hard to get the meal prepping done.  Guess what? I'm going to be doing a [...]