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meal prepping

Running a bit behind


This past weekend put me a little behind on the food prep thing which in turn has kind of made [...]

Sunday set up: meatballs, egg muffins, raw “cookie dough”


Happy Sunday!  That means it's time for meal prepping in our house.  This week I've been feeling uninspired with the [...]

Friday happys for a Happy Friday

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This week I haven't really be into anything.  My mind is on Denver next week which kind of made this [...]

I do fun things every now and again and fail at meal prepping


Life is about finding balance right?  You may only think I'm doing active things or working out all the time [...]

Take the time to meal prep

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I stopped meal prepping when I was traveling a lot last fall because I wasn't home.  I stopped a lot [...]

The deal with meal prepping


Meal prepping is a great tool in just leading a healthy lifestyle.  It's great for time management too because you [...]