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Monday Motivation

The great thing about Mondays


Happy Monday everyone! Sometimes Mondays get a bad wrap because the day comes after the weekend, but it's not always [...]

Finding yourself is part of the journey


Happy Monday afternoon everyone.  Things haven't been great in life and I've pulled away from blogging because it's hard to [...]

Motivation: If you don’t succeed, try again

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Happy Monday everyone!  It's time for a little Monday Motivation for you about trying.  I just want to let you [...]

Define your success

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Winning isn't everything and being the best isn't all that.  Keep that in mind as you go through life.  It's [...]

Monday Motivation: It’s all about confidence


Today's Monday Motivation is about confidence. Confidence is the key to success but you have to put it back in [...]

Stop, drop and smile.

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Things haven't been great lately and I got bogged down in some negative energy. And then work happened and it [...]