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Make this right now: Pecan Pistachio Salad


I promised I would share some healthier dishes that you can add to your Christmas and New Years celebrations.  I [...]

Zucchini and Summer Squash Fritters


Every time I got on instagram someone was posting pictures of zucchini fritters.  I've never had a zucchini fritter in [...]

Introducing this week’s lunch: Meatloaf with a recipe.

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Happy Labor Day everyone! I've been hosting some friends this weekend so Sunday setup has come into Monday! I know [...]

Recipe: Some carrot thing I made the other day


I hope everyone is having a good day.  I think I'm a little worn out from my workout yesterday.  I'm [...]

My quick lentil soup


Yesterday morning was a crazy one.  I was running behind from the gym but I wanted lentils for lunch.  When [...]

Avocados and strawberries, a quick bread recipe

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I've been on a mission to make something different with an avocado for a little contest.  I didn't want to [...]