weight loss

It's different for everyone and it's going to change over time.  Keep that in mind.  I've said it many many times.  The journey I took is different from the one Willie took and will be different from the one many people take. A lifestyle change is about developing new habits.  In our case, our lifestyle [...]

FYI: This is going to be a new section of the blog.  It's going to be the question of the week.  Sometimes I'll take questions from what people ask me or sometimes I'll talk about some questions that have come to my attention through reading and just normal life. This week I took the question [...]

Welcome to everyone who found my blog through the Jet Magazine current issue. It was something totally unexpected and I didn't even know we made the magazine until my mother-in-law told me. It's a great honor. It's not a great honor because are in the current issue, it's a honor because I really feel like [...]

There was a little update about Willie and I on The Rachael Ray Show! Apparently, we are weight loss all-stars. Here is the clip from the show: Once again, I want to thank Rachael Ray and her wonderful staff for everything they have done for us! It means the world to us to be able [...]

Happy Friday everyone! I'm feeling a little bit under the weather which means I've over medicating myself before we leave for China. It's a bummer but things will get better. I will definitely sleep it off until it's time to leave. I can't think about anything but going to China which has made my blogging [...]

I like to think I'm ok with it, but I know I'm not.  I haven't been bashing my body image but I've been more conscious of it lately.  Maybe it's because I've been out of town lately and really settled into my usual pattern, but I've been noticing. I talk about my legs way too [...]

I don't drink my calories and when I do...it's painful.  I would just rather eat my calories than waste them on a drink.  Most people aren't that way.  When we decided to lose the weight, we did it cold turkey.  There was no more soda, juice, fru-fru coffee drinks or alcohol.  That was something I [...]

I sometimes wonder why Willie and I are getting so much praise for losing weight.  Our weight loss is not really a big deal to us.  It was something that we had to do, wanted to do and did!  It's really nothing special to us.  I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself.  I wanted [...]

There's only one thing that you need to know: I'm tired! I feel like I finally hit the limit of doing too much and not getting enough rest.  Yesterday, "Dr. Dawn" told me to take a break and she's right. Recovery is important but it's not something I'm good at.  I like to be moving [...]

Every time Willie and I end up in the media, the Facebook and e-mail messages start rolling in with people saying the same thing.  "HELP! I need to lose weight.  Please tell me what to do." I try to read the messages but honestly it's just a lot of messages saying the same thing.  Reading [...]