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Bad doesn’t always mean bad


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you are having a fabulous start to the week.  I had a great weekend hanging…

You CAN make a healthy CHANGE

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Sometime after leaving the gym yesterday and the ride home, I got sick. I've been down and out and haven't…

Start new year goals now


It's almost the new year and people are trying to get their stuff together for the new year. Developing new…

Motivation Monday: Be present in the moment.


I'm blogging from a hotel room on this lovely early morning and I'm thinking about all the amazing experiences I've…

Define your success

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Winning isn't everything and being the best isn't all that.  Keep that in mind as you go through life.  It's…

Monday Motivation: It’s all about confidence


Today's Monday Motivation is about confidence. Confidence is the key to success but you have to put it back in…