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Video this week: drink more water, get motivated and a road trip


Happy Thursday everyone!  I didn’t do any meal prep this week because it was all up to Willie so I [...]

Five Things Friday: Learned on a road trip


It’s late and it’s almost no longer Friday, but I’m going to make it just in time to post my [...]

Zip lining is our non scale victory

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Willie and I always said when we lost the weight, we would do some things like go to China, travel [...]

Race Recap: Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon


If you didn’t read my Rock n Roll San Diego 5K recap you definitely should go back to start there. [...]

Race Recap: RnR San Diego 5K


This should have been up ages ago, but I got sick the week I came back and then this week [...]

How do I travel so much?

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The weekend is finally here and I’m traveling. I’ve had lots of questions about how I’m able to travel frequently [...]