I know most everyone is probably out watching fireworks right now but I didn’t want to not post today. Today we celebrate America!

The Flag

How did you spend your day? Did you wear red white and blue?

You wanna know how I spent my day?

13.23 miles today for #America. I saw this sign on the run and it was what I needed to read. I also did a shoe change from my #asicsnimbus to @altrazerodrop. I got new shoes for my birthday and I wanted to try them out. It was a cloudy morning but the hum
It started off with a 13.2 mile run. It was hard to get me out of the door this morning but I went when I didn’t want to go. I’ve been doing my long runs on Friday because it’s just easier. I can usually go in the evenings but today I went this morning. The weather was cloudy but it was really humid. But I did it!

#fruit #boat
And then I ate my weight in fruit from the watermelon boat! IT was so good. Ok, so maybe I didn’t eat my entire weight because I had to share with Jes. But we pounded that fruit all day long! Do calories count when you’re eating fruit? LOL!

I just wanted to tell everyone to enjoy the time and the fireworks! I hope everyone had a great day!

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Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day. I’m not very fond of my birthday because it’s so close to 4th of July. People don’t really pay much attention to it. The birthday isn’t about getting the presents (even though it’s nice) but more about the people who are willing to celebrate it!

#green and #plaid, I had to wear my favorites on my #birthday! #whatimwearing

I started off the day wearing two favorites: green and plaid…and more plaid. Look at the shoes!

Celebrating my birthday with the best people ever! Thanks to my wonderful husband, my momma and my best friends Jes and Damien for making my birthday awesome. And yes, I are at Which Wich for my birthday!
Fortunately for me I was able to celebrate my birthday with some important people in my life and the cards they sent me! There were a few people that I didn’t get to spend it with too but I got the phone calls from them and that made me feel loved! That little dog on the card had to make it’s rounds.

FYI: I think Facebook has come into our lives and depersonalized a lot of things. The people who really care about you pick up the phone and call or text you. I was pleasantly surprised at the people who sent me lovely texts or personally made the call…and I was also surprised by the people who did not.


I did get some pretty cool gifts. I got a gift card to Amazon, a Tervis tumbler (for all that water drinking) and the most rocking travel cooler EVER! It’s got like little shelves in it and it’s big. Y’all know I’m serious about my travel coolers because I use them all the time! It was pretty awesome. There will be lots of healthy snacks and foods going in this sucker.


Going out to eat use to be the big thing for my birthday. Obviously things have changed a bit! Going out to eat is such an underwhelming experience that it doesn’t matter to me. I would rather eat at home to be honest, but it’s my birthday so I should probably eat outside of the house. I didn’t know where to go. It was an all day ordeal. In the end it came down to Chick-fil-a and Which Wich. I choose Which Wich AND I got a free salad! I’m easy to please!


The one thing I knew I wanted was froyo. No birthday cake for me. I want frozen yogurt. I was giddy. I loved it! I did a mix of cake batter, mango tango, blueberry tart, razamataz (that’s not really what it’s called but it taste like the smoothie from Jamba Juice), and cheese cake with cashews and peanuts on top!  I gotta get that protein in there. LOL!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  It was a good day.  I’m going to buy myself a present today, but I’m not sure what.

But now it’s time for a VERY important question: what is your favorite flavor of froyo?

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I’m one year older and wiser and I don’t mind!  My 20s weren’t that eventful and filled with lots of LOWS but my 30s are amazing!  For the first time I starting to live my life.  I’m starting to enjoy things and I’m definitely starting to open up.  I still have my moments of being down trodden, but I promise you those moments are FEW and far between.

So what do I want to tackle in my next year in life?


1. I want to eat more froyo!  Wait, I shouldn’t do that.  I probably have too much as it is. Notice there is no froyo in that cup because I inhale it immediately.


2. I want to run a 4:30 marathon!  I’m a consistent 4:58 marathoner but I’m searching for something more.  The thing is this is attainable but I’ve always died on the back half.  My training will focus more on being stronger on my long runs instead of just trying to complete those miles.  I will get this 4:30 goal, I PROMISE!

3. I want to become a triathlete!  While I may not be able to complete my first half ironman by my next birthday, I will have already signed up for one that I will do in 2015!  I can’t let fear get to me!

4. I want to feel less guilty about how I spend my time.  I carry it around a lot because Willie and I are doing what we want to do because we couldn’t before.  The world has opened up for us and we want to take advantage of every possibility and opportunity. I sometimes feel bad because that means I don’t necessarily have time to do the things I always did in the past.  I feel like I’m in a constant struggle with myself which manifests into guilt.


5. I want to run a BIG marathon.  So I know you’re thinking, you just ran the Great Wall of China! I know that was BIG but I’m searching for something more! Boston is really off the list because I won’t qualify for it until I’m 85.  Hopefully I’ll still be able to run.  Chicago Marathon, MCM, NYC Marathon, Big Sur Marathon…I’m looking at you.

6. I want to continue to be happy.  I know with a great husband at my side, we can and will conquer the world and that is the thing that makes me happiest!

7. Most importantly, I want to take my brand to the next level.  We Beat Fat has become a major part of my life.  It’s opened the door for many great things.  I’m working on building the brand.  On the same note, I’m helping Willie build his brand too! The journey is something we did together but our stories are different.  We balance each other out and we are two different building trying to build something together!  Look for big changes in the future!

5 miles at 5 on my birthday! #fitfluential #fitness #running #runchat #sweatpink
My first official birthday act was running this morning. Five miles at 5 am was just what I needed, except I wanted to run longer, but this stupid thing called work got in the way!

So now that it’s halfway through the year, how are you on reaching your goals set back in January? Can you do better or are you right on track?

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This past weekend I spent it in Savannah, GA at my first blog conference, FitBloggin.  I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived.  I was rooming with people I didn’t know, traveling to a city I knew nothing about and embarking on the complete unknown.  Attending this conference was out of my comfort zone.  The one thing I knew: I needed to do this.

I needed to get out and meet people who understand the world of blogging and social media.  I needed to make connections with people who understand the time, effort and sacrifice it takes to maintain a blog. I needed to be know people who were enthusiastic about health and wellness…and wouldn’t look at me funny for being that way.

Yes, the swag was amazing but it was much more than that. It was making friends, learning how to improve my blog and learning how to better myself.

I learned so much from this past weekend.

1. I learned that I am slowly but surely coming out of my shell.  I feel like I’m putting myself out there a little bit more.  Asking more questions and really getting to know people.


2. I learned that I’ve really come a long way.  Yes, I run marathons and that’s a great thing, but I’m all about improving.  During the early morning bootcamp session there were times I had to stop and just say to myself, “you’re doing this.” Because a couple of years ago I couldn’t have done this and even last year, I would have struggled a little bit.

3. I learned that everyone’s story is inspiring and/or motivational.  The people at this conference are truly amazing and are accomplishing great things everyday…big and small.  I am proud to be one of those people but most importantly I’m proud to know these people.  At Friday night’s Ignite, Alan’s story really hit close to home.  I identify with every part of his journey and I look forward to traveling the rest of the road with him.  He really pointed on how love and support really makes a difference.  It’s all about finding people who love you for you and will support you in the moments that you really don’t expect them to support.


4. I learned that people really do pay attention to the blog.  Within the first hour, Kari came up to me and told me Willie and I inspired her.  That warmed my heart.  The reason I blog is to make a difference in just one person’s life and in that moment I knew I had succeeded.  Thank you Kari!  You are strong and beautiful and you will achieve every goal you want to reach!

5. I learned so much about improving my blog.  I want to engage the people who read and I want you to get something out of this. I want to provide you with great content, motivation and inspiration.  I want to be here for everyone who needs help.  The sessions were so informative and are really going to help me push the blog to next level.

6. I learned that I need to just face the fear and just tri it!  I’ve been slacking on my goal of becoming a triathlete because I’m afraid. When I attended the tri chat, it got me energized.  I listened to everyone’s stories and I KNOW I can do it but I can’t let myself get in the way of my dreams of becoming an Ironman!



7. I made some friends that I know I will have for a long time to come.  Apparently, when you attend Fitbloggin you make some really great friends…and I think that happened for me.

8.  It’s okay to try new things and like them.  I stuck in a routine, I cycle/spin, run and do my weight workouts.  I’ve been trying to branch out of that the past four weeks and I really continued the trend here.  I did a cross fit session, PIYO+Insanity and a boot camp!  I really was pushing my fitness limits and I REALLY like it.


9. Balsamic and herb almonds owned me. Thanks for all the healthy snacks!

10. I know I’ll be back in 2015 in Denver to see old friends and meet new people!

Here are my other posts about Fitbloggin:

The Fitbloggin’ Update

Working, Business and ghost tours in Savannah

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This past weekend, I was at Fitbloggin in Savannah! There were lots of things for us to try while there. The biggest take away from the weekend was getting my numbers checked at the Walgreens Way to Well truck.

I got my numbers checked this morning on the #waytowelltour by @walgreens. Everyone needs to get their numbers checked. Cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure among other things. #fitbloggin #health #responsible

Everyone needs to get their numbers checked. I spoke about how Willie and I didn’t do thing right when we started our weight loss journey so don’t let that happen to you. YES, it’s scary getting checked. It may be a little daunting to actually get the test but getting the results is the REAL scary part.

The truth is though you need to know your numbers. It’s better to know than to not know. If you know, you can fix the problem. If you don’t know, then you’re possibly ignoring a problem that you may or may not have. You don’t know unless you ask. Sometimes the answer isn’t always what we want it to be, but that’s just a part of life. KNOWING MEANS THERE IS CHANCE FOR YOU TO MAKE A CHANGE.

No one wants to hear they have diabetes or high blood pressure, but when you know you can take care of your body. That is the most important thing. Take care of your body now because you only get one life!

The test took 15 minutes and then it was done. It was easy. I’m not saying you need to go to Walgreens to get these tests, but we all know there is a Walgreens on every corner. It’s convenient! Follow the link to find out all the health services Walgreens provides. I got my numbers checked and everything was below normal which makes me happy. Everything, except my BMI! That doesn’t make me happy. But I had a consultation with the pharmacists and she told me not to worry about it because my skeletal muscle was way above average!

This is the part of the conference that really hit home for me. As an African American this is an issue that is close to my heart because this is something the community tends to over look. I want people to become aware and take charge of their lives and move into the healthiest best you! Diabetes is a very serious problem in the community and most people don’t get checked out.

But this just isn’t an black problem, it’s an everyone problem.  Choose to live your life in the know and don’t hide because you’re afraid to check your numbers.  It will only help you!  I promise!  Don’t make the mistakes I made by not knowing.  I was luckily OK but I was lucky.  Don’t gamble with your life.

FYI: I was under no obligation to blog about this program.  These opinions are all my own.  This is just an issue that is close to my heart.


I also attended the Walgreens panel on making your fitness device work in your life. Walgreens has a great program. You can link your fitness device to your Walgreens Balance Rewards account and get points. Those points = money to buy stuff in the store. It’s a win win! It’s like you’re being paid to walk around.

I was actually trying to win a FitBit the entire conference but I didn’t. It seems like everyone I knew won one though.

So I had to buy my own. That was my first stop from the airport on the way home. I’m obsessed with this thing now. Today was my first official full day using it and I really wanted to hit my goal…and I did. I loved it. It’s just a good way to keep myself moving and drinking water. I also wanted the FitBit to know about my sleeping habits.

Have you had your numbers checked? Why or why not? Will you get your numbers checked soon?

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I’m riding in the car back home father a really long day. Fitbloggin in Savannah has come to a close and I’m back in Texas. I’m not going to go into much detail right now about the conference because there are some things I really want to share with all you readers. I learned a lot of helpful things that I hope will improve your reading experience, but that will be for another time.

The hearst.#ghosttour #savannah #fitbloggin

Last night, I went on a ghost in a hearst. Savannah is supposedly the most haunted city in America.

I ate a lot of great food. Last night we went to The Public which is a farm to table resturant. It was soo good. I had black fin shark with a corn salsa and a cantaloupe gazpacho.


The gazpacho was the best thing I’ve eaten EVER! Ok that might be a little dramatic but it’s making a top 10 list of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Light and refreshing.

Did #bootcamp this morning. Humid but fun! #fitbloggin

I did a lot of working out too. I did an early morning boot amp class on Friday.

My first #crossfit workout! #fitbloggin
Followed by my first crossfit class.

My morning run in #savannah! It's really a great way to get out and see a city. What city would you love to run in? #fitfluential #running #rinchat #runhappy #fitbloggin
Saturday morning I went on an early morning run through the haunted streets.

And then a PIYO+intensity workout.nPIYO is a fasted pace yoga/Pilates class set to top 40 music. I needed the stretch.


Thabks for being so cool ladies. Loves meeting you! @gotchocolatemilk #fitbloggin #teamchocolatemilk

Then at lunch I went running with my sponsor,, Team Chocolate Milk. They fed us lunch in the park along with some good ole lowfat chocolate milk. Savannah was humid but not that bad. I expected much worse. It was a nice break from our humid conditions.

Ice cream! #fitbloggin

I met a lot of great people and some great new friends. That is all for now, but I’ll be back blogging in full swing tomorrow!


I also finally got a chance to meet Monica from Run Eat Repeat. We always miss each other when were in the same place but this time it finally worked out! I’m glad I got to talk with her for a few minutes.

What did you do this weekend?

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Hello from Fitbloggin in Savannah. It was really rough getting here but I know that it was totally worth all the trouble.

Hope to get on the plane soon! #fitbloggin #delayed #sleepy

My flight was delayed last night so I arrived in Atlanta at 2:10 am and I was tired.  Everyone was sleeping in the airport. I couldn’t find a spot but luckily there was a spot left for me.  Not that I got much sleep because it’s kind of hard to sleep in the airport.  People constantly walking around, clean crews, construction…all that doesn’t make much time for sleep.  I did the best I could. Around 5:15am things started to pick up and I knew it was time to wake up.

This is what sleeping in an airport looks like. I'm ready to head to Savannah now, but I still have an hr. #fitbloggin

I went to Starbucks to get a cup of hot water to make oatmeal.  I ate breakfast and then went to pick up my rental car.

Good thing that car had great gas mileage because I wasted two hours getting stuck in Atlanta traffic and getting a tiny bit lost.



I made it to Savannah around 2pm and it was time for afternoon tea with a group of new friends.

Then it was time to for the mixer.  We got big bags of swag. I haven’t even looked through the stuff yet.  I can’t wait to see what’s in the bags. We played some ice breakers and I made some friends with some FitBloggin’ newbies.


Right now I’m tired and I skipped out on the ghost tour because I am tired. I don’t want to be totally worn out for the rest of the conference. As much as I hate to not be doing group activities and bonding, I think I need the sleep more so I can enjoy everything that is happening here.

I will admit was so super scared about being coming and that was intensified when I got here and knew no one. But this is important for so many reasons to grow my blog BUT most importantly for me to make some new friends. I really need to push out of my comfort zone and just really get to know some new people. That is why I am here. I want to enjoy the entire experience. I think that’s why it was so hard for me not to go on the ghost tour because I didn’t want to not go because I was afraid of being social. I am just truly tired and tomorrow will be another day.

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This week I’m traveling to Savannah for a conference which got me thinking about traveling. I love to travel. When I close my eyes and picture the future, I see a lot of traveling. I’m a person who is always on the go so being healthy on the go is very important to me.

Most people think when you’re away it’s a “vacation” which may be true. When I’m traveling I don’t like to completely blow it out of the water. Really the only time I didn’t fret much about eating was our China trip. I know there are some situations where a person would want to treat themselves to some local cuisine and I’m completely ok with that.

I can't believe I filled up a cooler! #marathonweekend #roadtrip #healthyeats #healthy #snacks
When we travel somewhere, I cooler is probably not too far behind. We try to bring everything with us. It’s just easier. But there are times when you can lug that cooler around when you, so here are my tips for those times.

My biggest tip: Before you leave, set your limits on things that you are comfortable eating. If you do this before you leave, you’ll already have that in your mind what you’re OK with letting slide and your list of no-nos. For example, I may allow myself to have a piece of cake while traveling but I’m not comfortable with fried chicken. If you set the boundaries before you won’t put yourself in a hard situation later.

Also, create your food plan before you leave. Know the area you will be traveling in and what’s around there. Crazy I know, but I usually pick my hotel based on what’s accessible around it. When I visited Philly last year, I knew I was in walking distance of a grocery store which became my safe haven throughout the trip. I knew I could always walk there and get a good fresh meal without having to worry. I use google maps to search the area around my hotel.

Pack your snacks. My carry on is usually loaded with food. Everything I can bring on the plane, I will. Everything else, I’ll pack it in my bag. Yes, we packed bagels, peanut butter and jelly for China and I’m glad we did because there were times when we couldn’t get food aka breakfast! I keep bars, apple slices, veggie slices…whatever in my bag. It helps a lot. I never want to put myself in a situation where I can find food and I’m hungry. Those times lead to panics which lead to eating whatever is around, healthy or not.

If you’re staying in a hotel, get a room with a fridge and microwave. I always ask, even if I have to pay extra for it. The first thing I do when I get to my destination, is hit the grocery store. I get fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, water…all those things that you tend not to have on hand. This keeps the snacking in control because you have that stuff with you already. Plus, it saves a bit of money. If you go out to eat and don’t eat the whole meal, you can box it up and take it back to the room to eat for another meal. I still do overnight oats when I’m away if a fridge is available. Otherwise, I just do regular hot oatmeal. I know it sounds like a lot of stuff to lug around but eating healthy on the go isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it!

Drink plenty of water. Dehyradation comes with travel so try to fight it off. Carry a water bottle with you and refill it as necessary. This is another reason I like to hit the grocery store when getting into a new city. I always stock up on gallon water jugs or bottled water because that stuff is expensive at a hotel. You’re paying for convenience, I know, but that’s a little too much.

Make the proper choices when you go out to eat. You know what’s healthy. Fish/shellfish, grilled chicken, roasted veggies…those are all pretty much safe bets. If you wouldn’t eat it at home, don’t eat it when you’re out…unless it’s within your boundaries that you previously set. Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions or without certain things.  The only place this could be a problem is a fine dining restaurant because a chef will not compromise their vision for your diet.  The waitstaff will problem point you to another option, which may be something that you don’t want.  That’s why it’s important to food plan and check out menus before you go to eat.

Side note tip:  If you can’t get a fridge there is an option.  I bring a collapsable cooler bag and put the stuff I need in it and keep it filled with ice and closed.  Don’t go reaching into the bag that often.  It takes a little bit to maintain this because you do have to empty out water when the ice melts and keep refilling it BUT it works.  I was skeptical, but when we were in Little Rock at the beginning of the year, I had to do this and it worked very well.

These are the few tips I can offer you.  I know it’s summer and people will be on the go and this just might make it a little easier for you.

Do you have any healthy eating traveling tips?  

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I feel boring lately because I haven’t really been doing anything exciting. I needed the change of pace though because I was on the move the entire beginning of the year. Plus, things are getting ready to kick into high gear for me. This week I’m going to Fitbloggin in Savannah, GA so I’ll be on the move.

I thought I would let you know what’s going on in my boring life…
#sunset I'm usually not out to see things like this. It's #beautiful!
I enjoyed a beautiful sunset after book club last week. This was an amazing thing for me because I’m usually in bed when the sun goes down.

9 sweaty miles done. Now I'm ready for some @gotchocolatemilk! #teamchocolatemilk #fitfluential #runchat #running #gtsrtutters
I switched my long run day from Saturday/Sunday morning to Friday evening. Another big deal for me. I was kind of just ready to get out there and run. I only did 9 miles because it was a little hot/humid and I started to feel the effects of it. I had to take a couple of breaks though. I’ve also learned that breaking my long run up into segments helps out a lot during these hot months. It helps me make it through and it might make a difference for you.

Sundays #foodie project! @williebeatfat are going to make these from @runnersworldmag #cookbook! #rwcookbook #runnersworld #cooking #bars
I made these energy bars from the Runner’s World Cookbook! Confession, I really just put it in the pan Willie did the rest because I was busy prepping the meals for the week.

We changed the recipe a bit because I really think there was too much sugar in there and we didn’t use vegetable oil. They turned out really good. I was expecting them to be a little bit more chewy than what they turned out though. I guess the picture in the book made them look soft and chewy but now that I look at the picture that was probably just something I wanted in my mind. OR maybe we just cooked them too long!

We’ve been trying to make our own bars so we don’t have to keep buying them. This was just our first step in trying out some new things. Do you have any suggestions on homemade bars?

I’ve been salad obsessed lately so I’ve been rolling through a lot of tomatoes. One of our friends gave us a bag of these cherry tomatoes from her garden. These things were so good. I really enjoyed eating them. I wish I could grow my own stuff but the neighborhood animals would get to into it or my dogs would make it their potty stop and ruin it all. Is there a way to get around this? I’m looking for advice from all you gardening people.

Do you have a garden? What foods do you grow? If you don’t have a garden, what would you like to grow in a garden?

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It’s summer and it’s getting hot.  When summer hits, I suddenly become obsessed with tea and nothing else.  Do you like tea? Tomorrow is the first official day of summer, so why not spend it drinking some iced tea with some good company.

#tea in the #morning. Trying to drink more water throughout the day. I'm back on tea. Today it's a black #chai. #fitfluential

I’m usually a hot tea drinker but since it’s been so hot outside, I’ve switched the the iced variety of tea. I do love to make a big batch of green tea and put in the fridge to chill. Luckily, Pure Via sent me a variety of stevia products to try out.  I’ve been having fun mixing up my teas already.

Here’s some basic facts about Pure Via’s NATURAL stevia.

  • Pure Via’s stevia extract is 97% pure Reb A made from the sweetest extract of the stevia leaf
  • It is sweetened using all natural stevia
  • Pure Via packets contain only non-GMO* ingredients
  • Each Pure Via packet sweetens like two teaspoons of sugar
  • Pure Via is suitable for people with diabetes
  • It’s certified Kosher Parve

FYI: The liquid stevia on the go packs are not non-GMO!

I’ve enjoyed putting the vanilla Pure Via stevia in my iced tea. It adds a little something extra to my tea. It’s become a nice treat throughout the day because you’re getting that extra layer of flavor with the vanilla.

I love the liquid stevia because it’s a grab and go product.  I can take it with me and add it to my drink without having to carry around the packets.  I have been known to travel with those suckers in my purse, and I’m really upset when I forget to pack some with me. I usually use the packets in my hot beverages, but both liquid and packets can be used in hot and cold drinks!

So do you want to win your own summer fit kit? My friends at Pure Via are giving you all the stuff above. It’s a great way to get your summer started. All you need to do is leave a comment on the blog answering the question: What’s your favorite fruit to mix up in your iced tea? You can get additional entries by doing the stuff below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and enjoy the sweet side of summer

A winner will be chosen at randon on Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

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