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On Sunday, I ran the Revel Rockies Marathon that ended in Morrison, CO.  I can’t tell you where it started because we had to take a bus to the top and there was no cell signal. This was the very first Revel ROCKIES race, so it was cool to be apart of the event.

Revel Rockies Denver
The race started at 6:00 am but we had to catch a shuttle to the top between 3:30 am – 4:15am. When I was leaving my hotel, there were people still partying. It was kind of funny! They dropped us off at the top but we couldn’t stay in the road because it was still active and there wasn’t much space. The good thing about this race was they gave us emergency foil blankets and gloves to wear before the race. It was pretty cold at the top of the mountain!

Revel Rockies Denver
I was super excited for this race because it was my first race in my NEW Team Chocolate Milk gear. Doesn’t it look all snazzy? This race was completely downhill and was really made for people who want to BQ (Boston Qualify). I trained really hard for this race because I wanted to PR. I wasn’t looking for anything spectacular but I wanted to shave a minute or two off my time. SPOILER ALERT: That didn’t happen. More on that later.

Before the race, I chatted with some Marathon Maniacs and we took our group picture! It was still dark!

The elevation DROP of this was from beginning to end was a little over 5000 ft, but I was ready to tackle this course. So when the race started and I was fine. I was trying to keep the proper running form while going downhill. The first 10 miles of the race were going to be the steepest but I was handling my own, well at least I thought I was. I had to stop to empty the tank but I was doing really good. The weather was cool but not cold, the people were friendly and I was feeling good. I remember thinking at mile 13 that I had never felt that strong during the first half of a marathon. I thought this was the time my training and everything was finally going to come together.

Until mile 14 hit, then my knee started to tighten up…not on a downhill part but on the hilly part of the race. It wasn’t hurting, it was just stiff. I was still able to run so I wasn’t too worried. I would stop and stretch every once and awhile but I was able to keep pushing. At mile 17, it started getting bad. I was hoping that I would be able to finish the race IN THE TIME I needed. There was a strict 5:40:00 marathon cut off. My usual marathon time is 5 hours so I knew I could make it. At mile 19, I gave in the towel and just started walking. My knee felt like it was going to give out but it wasn’t hurting. I was still speed walking.


The road was still live so we had to run on one side of the road which was slanted and headed downhill. My body wasn’t ready for that. I had to walk. I walked what I couldn’t run. Towards the end, I did more walking than running, but when my body allowed me to run, I took it on. Probably not the wisest decision but I really just wanted to finish. I also wanted to finish unbroken. I should have known it then, but I didn’t. This was an IT Band issue. It needed to be massaged and stretched. I would stop every once and while to do some stretches but I was doing the wrong stretches cause I thought it was a knee problem from the constantly downhill pounding. The pain level wasn’t really matching up to that though.

More from @runrevel #rockies. It was beautiful. I think I'm in love! #travelgram #nature #runchat #colorado #denver

I didn’t mind the walking though because it was beautiful.  And I was listening to the Crab Feast; it was a perfect combo to keep my spirits high! That podcast literally saved my marathon! It was serene and there was no way anyone would give up on a race in a situation like that.  It didn’t matter how I finished, as long as I did finish.  Giving up wasn’t an option, partly because there was no one to take me down the mountain. LOL.  In all seriousness, there was no amount of pain that could have kept me from finishing the race.  I just didn’t run it as fast as I wanted to run.

In the end, I did finish because there was no giving up. This lady was my wingman the entire time until her knee started to give her problems. We were together most of the race until about mile 20 when I looked back and she wasn’t there. I was a little concerned and I thought maybe she had passed me. At the finish line, I did find out she came in behind me but she finished!

I'm done. I finished the marathon that killed my knees on downhills, but the view was amazing! Now I have to find some @gotchocolatemilk! #fitfluential #sweatpink #bling #revelrockies @runrevel #gobig
5:38:15 was my official time and I couldn’t be more proud. I could have given up. I could have cried. I could have complained but I didn’t. I had the best time of my life! That’s why when times get hard you have to keep pushing because you never know how things are going to work out. Along my walk, I talked to a medic that kept me laughing after he helped me stuff an ice pack in my running tights. I spoke to a teenage girl running her first marathon but was struggling with some of the downhills. I had people encourage me and high five me. It was just a really great experience! When I crossed the finish line, people were happy and cheering. And then I heard the words, I NEVER thought I would hear especially after my last Colorado race:

“You can now say, you’re a Colorado marathoner.”

Today's @runrevel #rockies medal! #bling #blingwhore #reacemedals #runchat #running #raceday #marathonmaniac

So how freaking cool is that? Immediately when I crossed the finish line, I may have been limping a bit but I knew I was going to be back next year. I had the time of my life and it came at a point when I really needed it! I have never been so proud of race bling ever. It’s mine and I earned it.

What I liked about the race:
1. Good people and volunteers.
2. Beautiful location.
3. Swag bag: had a great gear check tag, gloves and blanket.
4. Coordination of the event was awesome.
5. Great food at the finish line but there was no lowfat chocolate milk which made me a little bummed.
6. Hello, big quality BLING!

What I didn’t like:
1. No spectators on course because of the nature of the course. Logistically it would have been a nightmare to have people cheering you on from the side. (Because sometimes there were no sides of the road.)
2. Some aid stations weren’t ready. One aid station didn’t have water. One didn’t have cups. I’m fine with the event going cup-less and maybe that should be an option for next year. But arriving at aid station when you need something and you can’t have it, kind of stinks. Luckily, I ran with my bottle.
3. The first 10 mile descent was very steep.

Verdict: I’m doing it again because it was amazing.

After the race and yesterday, I was walking around really hurting.  I was silently freaking out because I thought I had really injured myself.  After sitting on the plane, my leg stiffened up even more which made it hard for me to get out of my seat.  I was scared.

Today, I’m much better.  I just needed a foam roller and some good stretches which I did yesterday when I got home. I am thankful for the great advice from my best friend on the situation.

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This past Saturday I ran an 10K!  I really wanted to go on a hike but since I was doing this trip by myself I didn’t want to be roaming the Rocky Mountains by myself and risk something happening to me.  I’m not an experienced hiker either so I decided that a trail run would be in order. My training plan called for an easy 3 miler and I cut my mid week run a little shorter to not overload my mileage.

I just took a gnarly 90 min ride through the #Rockies to run a 10k trail race. It's totally worth it and 40 degrees. 10k today, marathon tomorrow. #yolo #fitfluential #colorado #travel #runchat #running #webeatfat

I took a gnarly 90 minute ride outside of Denver to Frisco, CO for this race. This was my first mountain driving experience.  I drove my little Kia compact rental car into the Rocky Mountains.  The one thing I did learn from working at summer camp is that you shouldn’t ride your brakes on the descents so I did keep that in mind.  It was just really pretty.  I really enjoyed getting out of the city and seeing all this nature.  I can’t believe people get to see stuff like that on the daily.

When I left the hotel, the temp was around 68 degrees but as I drove on, the temp kept dropping.  I really should have known better about this but I was surprised to have reached my destination and it was COLD.  Like 42 degrees cold, so I had to stop at Wal-Mart to get a long sleeve running shirt.


The views were amazing so that’s all that mattered to me. I was happy. I registered and picked up my swag. It was pretty cool. It was a cup-less event so we got one of those reusable cups in the pack. This stuff you got for this race was amazing for the price. I got a shirt, medal, cool bag and a cup for $40. Plus there were fully stocked aid stations and a great party at the end. This race was in a series of races. It just happened to be during the time I was there for Revel Rockies so I really had to jump on the chance.


It was supposed to be easy and fun so I really wasn’t sweating it. I lined up to be the last person in the pack because I didn’t want to slow anyone down. It was supposed to be a single track trail in some parts. I was literally out there for the view. Good thing, because it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. It’s been said that training in the humidity is like training for elevations. That’s a lie. It’s not the truth. Don’t buy into it. I train in humidity and I felt like I was going to die. I was having really bad headaches too from the elevation.

In the end, it took me 1:26:13 to finish the race. That was with me stopping a lot to take pictures and I also moved out of the way for the people doing the half marathon! It was really nice to be out there to enjoy the view. The trail wasn’t the most complicated trail I’ve run, but it was nice and open. I’m use to running the trails through the woods but this one was nice and open. There weren’t many tree roots to look out for but there were plenty of lose rocks and some big uphills.


I really enjoyed the race and the people were so nice. Everyone was super friendly and I just really had a great time. Good people, great view and a good run. I’m still working on being a trail runner and I know there aren’t many more greater places to get out and run the trails like Colorado! It was also important for me to go to push myself out of comfort zone. I had gone on this trip by myself and I could have spent all the time alone, but I wanted to be with some people. I wanted to interact with other runners. It was just something I needed to do.

Have you done a trail run? Do you like it better than road running?

Back from Colorado

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It’s been a long weekend but one that I definitely needed.  I’ve been really stressed and a little unhappy with things in my life so I needed some time to just loosen up and have a good time.  The only thing that really sucked about this trip was Willie couldn’t go with me.  I really enjoy having adventures with my husband but this one we couldn’t make work.

I had a great time.  I have lots to blog about so I’ll be loading up the blog to get things out of the way.  I really planned on doing more blogging while I was away but I was really taking the time to relax.

Here are some of the greatest hits:

I took the #tea tour and learned a lot. I'm so happy I got to do this. Guess who is in a good mood with a new favorite tea flavor? #celestialseasonings #boulder #travelgram
My first stop was the Celestial Seasonings factory. I literally left the airport and went straight here. This was a great way to start this trip off.

Picking up some goodies from one of my fav #running stores! Love @runnersroost! I love being here! #travelgram #runchat #embracethespace
I went to my favorite running store ever! The people here are just really nice and always make me feel at home. They have made me an honorary Colorado gal and keep in touch throughout the year. You never know what type of impression you will make on someone when you first them. These were people I met in passing but have become some good folks to know.

I just took a gnarly 90 min ride through the #Rockies to run a 10k trail race. It's totally worth it and 40 degrees. 10k today, marathon tomorrow. #yolo #fitfluential #colorado #travel #runchat #running #webeatfat
I explored the Rocky Mountains!

I successfully parallel parked my rental car ON THE FIRST TRY!

I woke up at 3:00 am the entire time I was there because I wanted to explore the rockies and run some races. All that racing meant I had to take some ice baths. I cleared out the hotel ice machine!

This morning I limped around the airport because I hurt myself during yesterday’s race. I had to improvise so i shoved ice packs in my running tights. But there will be more on that in my race recap. Pain in temporary but I made some memories that I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to tell you about it all.

Did you have a good weekend? Are you a mountain or beach person?

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Note: This post was written on the plane this morning but I couldn’t get a wifi connection to post it earlier. I’m still posting it though because I took the time to write it. I had a super early flight this morning. I had to leave the house at 2:30am to make it to the airport. Obviously, that was too early for breakfast so I had to wait until after I made it through security. I packed some traditional oats in my backpack. image When I found a coffee shop I got a cup of hot water and made my oats. I was still in need of some protein but luckily I found some hard boiled eggs. image The eggs were a sad reminder that Willie isn’t here with me. He would have eaten the other egg that ended up in the trash. been to Colorado many times. Last year was my first time in Denver and after I left, I said I wouldn’t go back. Flash forward, I’m on my flight to Denver for the second time. If my best friend didn’t come with me last year, the trip would have been a total bust. I really don’t think I had a really awesome time because I was confined to downtown. I saw a little bit of snow but saw no mountains. I’ve slowly but surely turned into a nature girl and I thought last years trip was going to be more of that. So why am I going back to Denver? I feel like I need to give the city another chance. This time I did my research and I have a little bit more time to explore. 1. I’m going to Boulder. I’ve been told this is the place to visit. Pretty things to look at and it’s supposed to be really awesome. I’m most excited about going to the Celestial Seasonings factory! It’s my first stop when I get off the plane. Well I’m going to need to post my blog post too. 2. I look forward to running some trails. I signed up for a 10k foot tomorrow. I wanted to get out and enjoy nature and do a hike, so why not do it in a race? Of course I’m going to take it easy because I’m running a marathon on Sunday. It’s going to be a leisurely jog. I just want to run the Rockies which is pretty cool. 3. I really want to PR my marathon while in Denver. I’ve been working hard but not maybe as hard as I could. It’s just been so stinking hot. Kind of makes it hard to really push your training when it’s 100 degrees outside. 4. The one thing I really loved from Denver last year was a running store. I plan on buying everything at Runner’s Roost. I really just like the people and the logo and everything. I’m a running nerd. 5. Buffalo Bill! I’m going to museum. I can’t wait. It’s going to be so fun. I was so into Buffalo Bill when I was younger. I remember in kindergarten my teacher read us a story about Buffalo a Bill and I asked so many questions. My mom ended up buying me some books too. I was always a curious kid which carried over into my adult hood! Most importantly, I am just going to have fun. Willie tells me I never have enough of that so I’ll do my best to really have a good time! I also feel like I should have a beer while I’m here because they take their beer seriously. I might go to waste though cause I won’t drink the whole thing! What are you doing this weekend?

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I’m leaving for Denver soon for the Revel Rockies Inaugural Marathon and I’m so excited.  The only thing about traveling is you have to pack.  I really dislike packing because I’m an over packer.  I don’t want to forget anything! Plus when I’m going away for a race, I never know what I’m going to want to wear.  I have to bring options!  It’s always hard!

But first, did you see my ice bucket challenge from yesterday?

Now back to my trip!

As far as the food goes, I’m limited until I can get there.  I measured out my oatmeal for each day and I’ll have to make it when I get there.  My second stop, after the Celestial Seasonings Factory in Boulder, will be to the grocery store to load up on stuff I might need.  I’m not trying to break the bank on food when I’m there.  I’ll eat in as much as I possibly can.  I also have my handy assortment of bars so I’ll be ready for a quick snack attack.

So what did I pack for my race?

Lots of GU! I’m super excited for the new flavor: salted watermelon. Watermelon reminds me of summer and being lazy, so that will be a nice distraction as I’m running the 26.2! I also love salted caramel! It’s my jam!

You probably didn’t believe me about the GU but there it is in all it’s glory! But I’m also loaded up on Nuun, KT Tape, vaseline (VERY IMPORTANT because I don’t want chaffing to the be the word of the day), toilet paper (for the portlets because sometimes they just run out), my Thumps, compression socks, race belt, tough camera, running watch, runningluv and of course some gas relief medication.  I’m a runner with GI problems and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I’m leaving bright and early in the morning but I’ll be documenting my trip.  I’m excited to share it with all you readers. Don’t forget to check out my instagram, twitter and Facebook for updates! I have a lot of fun things planned so stay tuned!

Have you ever been to Denver? Would you like to visit Colorado?


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It’s a marathon week so I don’t do weights.  I didn’t go to my usual group Power class this morning.  Instead, I stayed in and did some strength training with the ladies of Tone It Up.  I seriously love these workouts.  You can get them for free on their youtube or buy a DVD like I did!  I started the program at the beginning of the summer and within weeks I noticed a difference.  These workouts are the bomb for toning up and looking fabulous.

While I was working out, I was thinking about food.  Is that a bad thing? I’ve been asking around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about your favorite snacks.

Here are some of the replies:

Stacey from “Black bean hummus or peanut butter and carrots.”

I seriously love hummus and can eat my weight in it.  And I love the peanut butter and carrots combo.It’s one of my favorites from childhood so that’s great to know I’m not alone in that one.

Lauren from breathedeelplyandsmile: “Apple or banana with peanut butter.”

Can you really go wrong with peanut butter…at all?

My best friend Missy: “Greek yogurt with either mini choc chips or peanut butter granola”

Again with the peanut butter!

From Mandy: Peanut butter,chocolate chips and cranberries mixed together.

Robin likes something different: “Smoothie with frozen blueberries and coconut water with walnuts.”

What have I been snacking on lately? It’s summer so I’ve been eating ALL THE WATERMELON. The only problem is, Willie won’t let me slice it because he’s afraid I’m going to cut myself. So I have to wait on him to slice it up for me. It’s well worth it though because it’s so delicious.

I’ve also been craving this chickpea salad from a while ago. It’s so light and good for a snack. Packed with protein which will keep you full longer.

The Health Warrior chia bars are something I’ve been having pre-workouts in the morning. They are really good. My favorite flavor is the apple cinnamon with coconut coming in close second. The bars are only a 100 calories and keep me fueled for my workouts. The only downside is getting those chia seeds stuck in my teach! Not cool for the people who sit on the front row of my cycle class! I haven’t found a place that sells them locally so I always buy them when I’m out of town but you can get them on

And lastly, I made this homemade salsa on Sunday and it’s almost gone! I think we’ve put salsa on everything. It’s so good. I love it because it’s homemade with fresh ingredients and I know exactly how much salt is in it! I’m all about watching my salt! Salsa is so easy to make and if you have a food processor or something like it, it will only take you about 5 minutes!


Here’s what you need:
4 large tomatoes
2 jalapenos, (I took the seeds out of mine)
2 garlic cloves
1/2 cup cilantro
1 white onion, diced
1 lime juiced
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp salt

*I used my Ninja Prep to mix all my ingredients together for this salsa. You can certainly do it by hand if you want to chop everything up and mix together.

So I just put all the stuff into the prep and pulsed it until everything was smooth and mixed together. I let it sit in the fridge an hour before eating it so that all the fresh goodness would come together for a complete taste.

It’s that easy. Instead of using tortilla chips, I’ve been using sliced cucumbers which is a nice refreshing bite!

What have you been snacking on lately? How many times do you snack throughout the day?

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Wondering where I’ve been the past couple of weeks?  I’ve been stressed.  It’s left my unmotivated to do much.  I’ve still be working out because HELLO that’s a big stress reliever.  I think if I didn’t workout, I would be a bundle of nerves and anxiety.  When I’m stressed or in a foul mood, the blog is really the thing that suffers.

I'm having a moment with #stress but I'm fighting the good fight. #fitfluential #fitfam #sweatpink #motivation

It’s easy to talk about all the great things going on in life but when things aren’t so great sometimes it’s just hard to find the words.  It’s hard to find the words to motivate and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves too.

Everyone goes through rough times and when you’re in it, you just feel like it’s the worst thing that has ever happened. But when you step out of it, sometimes you see it wasn’t a big deal at all.

I’m human.  I have really great days and I have really bad days.  The best piece of advice I can give to you is just to keep going.  When things aren’t going too well, it’s easy to say I’m not going to do anything.  The most important thing is to keep going.  I haven’t really been jumping up and down about doing my workouts lately, but I still did them.  I know that if I didn’t go out there to do those workouts, that would have been a regret I would have spent too much time talking about.

And in the end, I may have been tired or sluggish when I started, but I still finished.  And there’s nothing better than making it through a workout that I never thought I would begin.

On a good note: I’m heading to Denver on Friday for the Revel Rockies Marathon this weekend.  I’m super excited to go back to a place I never said I would return.  Last year I ran the RnR Denver half marathon and I just didn’t really enjoy the city but now I’m learning that’s because I was trapped downtown.  We didn’t venture out.  I’m a nature girl so I can’t wait to get out to run the trails in Denver and Boulder.  I’ll talk more about my trip soon.


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I saw this game of would your rather on my friend Lauren’s site and I thought it would be fun. Everyone is always saying they want to know a little bit more about me so I thought this would be a perfect chance to shed some light on me!

1. Would you rather run a 5k or a marathon?
This one is easy. I would rather run a marathon. 5ks are great but I can run those in my neighborhood. I love the challenges of a marathon and feeling like I’ve worked really hard for something. There’s nothing wrong with 5ks, I’m just a long distance runner at heart! Plus, I love to get epically big medals and you get those with MARATHONS!

2. Would you rather run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?
I would rather run a flat hot race. That’s probably because I live in the flats of Texas and I deal with heat all the time. BUT I think I could really handle a hilly race in the cold, if I could get my hand circulation problem under control.

3. Would you rather get new running shoes or a new running outfit?
New running shoes. Running outfits are race shirts, right? I go through many many many pairs of running shoes a year so I would rather have those. I still run in my first pair of running tights I got in 2012.

4. Would you rather run a race without headphones or without a Garmin?
It would probably do me good to run a race without a Garmin so I’m not focused on my time, but I do like to know how far I’m in. I’ve pretty much adapted to running without music, so I’ll go with that one.

5. Would you rather run on the treadmill for an hour or in a circle around the same street block for an hour?
I run in a circle around the same street block all the time so that’s no problem.

6. Would you rather run a Ragnar Relay or a marathon relay?
I did a marathon relay and it was fun but not for me. So a Ragnar Relay would definitely win on this one. I loved doing the Texas Independence Relay this year because I like to group environment and dealing with the same situations (aka lack of sleep) with old and new friends. It’s a bonding experience.

7. Would you rather come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in the New York City Marathon?
Go to Olympics and not place…or come in 4th. That’s pretty awesome to be one of select few to represent your country in those games. That would be amazing!

8. Would you rather give up running for 1 year to get a BQ (Boston Marathon qualifying time) or never BQ but run as much as you want?
Truth: I won’t BQ until I’m 80 so I would go with NEVER BQ!

9. Would you rather run in an urban area or on a trail?
I love the trails but I’m also deathly afraid my clumsiness will do something to me on a trail. On trail you get to see some pretty amazing things and I really feel at one with my surroundings. It’s nice to get out of the “city” sometimes and just enjoy the run. I’ve gotten better at it but I think I would rather run urban to check out the city. It’s the best way to travel.

10. Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch?
Have a headache because at least I’ll have a chance of finishing the run. Side stitch can side line the best runner.

11. Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm?
Snow? What’s that? There will be no running in a snowstorm. When I ran in Memphis last year, it was just really cold and it was hard.  After running Little Rock this year, I thought I was going to die in the hotel room.  Cold weather running is great because I run way faster, but it completely destroys my body.  Losing the weight has done this to me.

12. Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off?
Rest day on a work day. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t long run on Saturday. I work out 6 days a week anyway so on a complete off day it’s nice just to hang with Willie!

13. Would you rather run just because or train for a race?
Ooh this one is hard. Since I spent most of the year running for training I kind of had a love/hate relationship with running. It became another job and some days I would just really dread it. But after awhile, I just started running because I wanted to run and it was such a good feeling which started the vicious cycle of training again. I love to race because I like the atmosphere and it gives me a good motivation to keep working to get better. This one is hard…but I guess right now I would rather run to train for a race since I have some big ones coming up!

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This week I haven’t really be into anything.  My mind is on Denver next week which kind of made this week kind of blah for me. I haven’t been motivated to do much so I’ve kind of just been off.  I probably just needed a little a reality break though.  I’ve still done my weekly workouts and celebrated birthdays so that’s been a major positive.  It’s just been a really down week as far as enthusiasm but not in spirit.  I’ve been hanging in there LIKE A BOSS! Sadly the blog has suffered…just a tiny bit.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving this week:

My veggie lasagna I made for lunch this week. This pan fed Willie and I lunch all week long. It was so good and I got Willie to get a lot of veggies this week. That’s been my main goal in life. He told me this morning that sometimes the texture of veggies makes him gag so I have to find creative ways to incorporate them into our food. Lasagna used to be Willie’s favorite food before we started our weight loss journey. We stopped having it because I didn’t know how to make it healthier. I’ve tried this zucchini instead of noodles thing before but it TURNED OUT HORRIBLE. It was a dumpster fire. But this time it was absolutely perfect. When I have a minute to type of the recipe and my tips, I will definitely share. It was a cost effective meal that fed both of us for 5 days. I ended up with something like 12 servings.

Willie also practiced his grilling skills on Sunday to prepare dinner for us all week. We made chicken burgers and he made some pork loin. Usually I’m not a fan of pork and I tend not to eat a lot of it because I really just don’t like it. But Willie did a great job with it this week on the grill. I really enjoyed the food we meal prepped for the week!

I loved Boy Meets World growing up. The show is seriously engrained into my childhood so I was skeptical when the show decided to make a comeback in the form of Girl Meets World. But I have to say, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s a show for everyone, I promise. It’s got something for everyone and if you have kids its something you can all watch together. It’s just really great!


I’ve been really into listening to music right now. I need a new marathon playlist and since I’m running a marathon next week, I’m looking for suggestions on songs that really pump up your workout. I’m open to anything, but I can’t try it out unless you offer up some songs. So what is the song that you love to workout to? What song really gets your going? What song makes you feel like you can conquer anything?

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At the beginning of the summer Willie started this water drinking thing because he felt like he wasn’t getting enough.  He started doing it so of course I jumped on it too.  I just didn’t use that annoying app that has reminders to drink all the time.  (Truth: Every time that sucker went off I was more inclined to use the bathroom instead of drinking water.) Trio of Water But it really got my thinking, do I drink enough water?  We’ve been told since we were little that we needed 8 glasses of water per day.  But then I read this on PBS:

The old adage of 8 glasses a day is no longer true. Instead, think about how much you weigh and divide that number in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should drink per day. For instance, a person who is 200 pounds, should drink 100 oz. of water per day to be adequately hydrated. (That’s 12.5 glasses of water!) An athlete with a high level of muscle mass should drink even more, about two-thirds of their body weight in ounces per day.

Now that’s a lot of water! But if you really think about it, it’s not. I’ve been aiming for 84oz of water of day. Most days I hit it, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m just not that thirsty but I end up paying for when I go on a hot sweaty run. The best way to see if you’re hydrated is to go by your urine color. Basically if you’re urine looks like a dark ale, you’re not doing something right. Willie always tells me it should resemble lemonade, not apple juice. So go with that folks!

Most importantly, drink water when you’re exercising. I always start off each cycle class with this little tidbit. Water keeps your metabolism up and helps you burn calories during your workout. It also helps you complete your workout without feeling like your dying a slow death. If you’re struggling through a workout, you just might be dehydrated.

My tips for drinking water:

I try to only drink water throughout the day. I don’t do sports drinks or anything special, just good ole natural water.

I keep a glass of ice water on my desk at work and sometimes just force myself to drink it down.

I start out every morning with a TALL glass of water. It’s been called my “potty cup.”

I drink a glass of water before every meal and while I’m eating. I always drink water while working out.

Water is great! It’s a natural resource and it’s free unless you want to drink bottled water then you’ll probably have to pay a $1 or more for it. It depends on if you don’t want your water touched by human hands and rushed over the rocks. LOL!

Do you drink enough water a day? How many glasses do you drink?