A positive attitude can take you many different places. A positive attitude will take from the darkest day to the brightest star in the sky. It’s sometimes hard to get to that positive point when things are down in the dump. But everything is achievable, including a great attitude on the worst day.

From Bryd Baggett

From Bryd Baggett

I love this quote. You can download the wallpaper at byrdbaggett.com

I’ve been dealing with some stressful things lately, but I haven’t really let it keep me down. I’ve been a little absent from the blog because of these issues but I was trying to keep myself busy. I wasn’t trying to focus on the negative and I felt like I just needed to keep moving. I didn’t want to stress eat which would have made things a lot worse.

Remember there is a positive side to every negative thing! When we’re seeing red, it’s hard to see blue. So when you’re having one of those bad attitude moments, just take a minute to think of the positive side of the situation. Yes, you may have to reach a little deeper to find the positive, but it’s always there…I promise!

A bad attitude will ruin a lot of things so why not stop it before it starts? Don’t let negative thoughts cloud your judgement, your emotions or your relationships. Remember everything happens for a reason and even when it sucks there is a greater plan. What really makes a person is how they deal with the not so good times because everything is always roses and sunshine.

Literally, let’s all take the time to stop and smell the roses or even find the roses. Let’s appreciate life and all that we are given. Let’s find the good above the bad and let’s truly cherish those things.

What is something positive about your life you wouldn’t mind sharing with me?

Me, I’ve been blessed with a great husband who loves and supports me in all the crazy things that I do. Most importantly, though, he makes me laugh when I don’t want to smile.

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Been wondering where I disappeared to this week? I could tell you a lot of different things, but I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve just been tired and stressed about some life things going on. I’ve literally have just been working out, teaching my cycle classes and working my butt off. I wish blogging was my full time job and paid all the bills, but it doesn’t. Sometimes the blog gets put on the back burner when life gets in the way.

So here are just a few things I’ve been up to this week:

My cycle class double whammy today! Taught my two cycle classes and now I'm ready for lunch! #fitness #fitfluential
This week everyone seemed to be having problems at the gym. I ended up teaching two cycle classes on Tuesday and Thursday! I don’t have a problem helping the team out at all, but it left my tired! I was trying to keep up with my regular workout routine too but I was just left feeling exhausted. Plus, I’ve been a little stressed too which takes a toll on the body. I was trying to deal with everything as best as I could. Yesterday, I crashed on the couch when I got off work and only work up to eat dinner and then I went back to sleep.

Big thanks to @cabotcheese for the free stuff! Can't wait to cook up some healthy meals with this stuff!
When I got home on Wednesday there was a package waiting for me. I had no idea what it was but I opened it up and it was cheese from Cabot Creamery! I’m not a huge cheese eater but I am trying to incorporate it back into the my diet. A little bit of fat never hurt anyone. It’s the going overboard that gets people into problems.

So last night Willie made his pizza crust and I put some of the light cheese on my pizza. I hope to make some recipes with the buttload of cheese in my possession! It was really good on the pizza though. I really really enjoyed it but I couldn’t really enjoy it because I was tired. LOL!

Biggest #strawberries I've ever seen! #breakfast #fruit what are u eating for breakfast?
This morning for breakfast I was cutting the strawberries but I noticed these were the biggest strawberries I had ever seen! I just picked up a pack of strawberries in my delirious and didn’t know how they were that big. I’m not complaining though because I love strawberries. I eat them everyday in my oatmeal!

Also, I’ve been grabbing for salty things this week. I hate that. I’ve been reaching for pretzels because I have a lot of them on hand. But I know I would be eating pop chips or nuts or anything salty if I had it in house. I don’t know what’s going on with my salt cravings this week. I did notice last weekend during the relay I could have been salt deficient a little. I’ve been doing lots of reading about being a salty sweater so I’m trying to find some solutions to this “problem.” I really don’t want to be one of those people downing salt packets during a race.

Someone recently sent me an e-mail to ask me what I do about being snackish for certain things. My biggest advice to all the snackers is to just have it. BUT just have one! If you’re craving a cookie, just have a little piece of a cookie. The desire for the food is usually diminished with every bite so if you keep eating it you’re not really getting the same feeling. So feel free to have a chip or a pretzel, but only one and drink some water. If you don’t, you’re likely to binge on it and you’ll probably end up with a horrible feeling. This way you can satisfy your urge and not overindulge.

I have posts planned for the weekend and I have something going on this weekend but I can’t talk about it right now. You’ll know soon enough but it’s not worth exploring right now.

What fruit will be invading your weekend? Grapefruit, strawberries, apples, blueberries? How will you incorporate fruit into your meals?

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I’m sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth because I was too tired to function.  I think we all greatly underestimate our need to sleep.  Running + friends + no sleeping + no real food = Texas Independence Relay!

I will admit my happy emotions cup runneth over and there’s no way I will ever be able to put into words how I felt this weekend.  I can’t express to you the greatness in the relationships I formed this weekend, the respect built for my team mates and the joy and misery in my heart! I’m not even sure how to write this post because I don’t know if I can find the words to express what it meant to me.  There will probably just be a lot of pictures.


The basics: I had 11 amazing people on my team and we ran 200 miles across the state of Texas (from Gonzales to San Jacinto).  We ran continuously from Saturday at 9:28 am until Sunday at 1:30pm (I’m not really sure what time we finished). It all started in Gonzales where we had to hold down this huge flag because it was just a little breezy! We got an arm workout before we even started running!  Awesome!


We had two 15 passenger vans. Willie drove one van and our friend Greg drove the other. They really had the hardest job of all and probably got the least amount of sleep. Our team was split into two so that we could conquer all 40 legs of the 200 mile relay!

It literally was fun and games until it got dark! Yes, it was hot but we stopped to take a ton of pictures along the way. We were having a good time! We saw our friends from home, chatted and went on about our way.

Us with Team ZXP! ZXP are the veterans of the group and honestly none of us would be running this relay without their involvement!

And us with Peanut Butter and Jelly Legs who won Favorite Team at the relay! How awesome is that?

Things got real when the sun started to fade. I’m not an evening runner so this was a little tough for me. I like to keep it early morning. I think I started my second leg around 11:45 pm and it was a 5.01 mile stretch. I tripped over a dead armadillo in the road and almost a large bird but I avoided that one. I enjoyed the night run the best though. My first leg was at 5:00 pm and it was hot and this lady soon realized she was salt deficient but it really didn’t hold me down that much. But the night run was fun. After that I was ready to sleep!

The one downside was I wasn’t in Willie’s van so I couldn’t talk to him much. He had a very important job. I always wanted to talk to him when I finished my runs but I couldn’t. I missed seeing his face. I only had passing moments with him. This was him at 4:40 am on Sunday morning. He was tired but he handled it like a champ. Willie did this for me. He drove the van because he knew I wanted to experience this relay. Willie had the time of his life though. He came out of this with a lot of new friends and stories they will talk about for a while. Thank you guys for welcoming my husband and showing him a great time. This means more to me than anything else. I really just wanted him to have a good time!

The thing hardest thing about this relay isn’t necessarily the 200 miles; it’s the riding in the vans continuously, it’s the lack of eating real food, not being clean and definitely not getting any sleep are the real challenges. Yes, it looks fun in the pictures but it’s definitely not for everyone. As the sun went down, things got real. People stopped wanting to take pictures. The friendly chatter stopped and all of the sudden everyone got really serious. My teammie April had a come to Jesus moment and decided it wasn’t for her, but she wanted to finish what she started. For me, it was a telling moment for me. She was miserable and crying, but she still went out there to run! I was proud of her! It made me cry. I think I cried her entire leg in the car. FYI: When I’m tired, I cry. I just get really emotional. But I was crying because she pushed through a lot of bad mental juju and ran! She could have easily told me to run her leg (I was willing) but she didn’t. I gained a lot of respect for her in that moment because she showed us all she was a fighter!


When we made it to the Houston area things got really messed up. Because it’s not like they close the streets for this relay. We ran on live roads and just getting through the Houston area and in the parks left everyone confused and lost. The directions got more complicated. Jony got lost on his leg and ended up running two legs of 11 miles instead of his single leg of 5 miles and some change.


I got lost on my leg through the bayou because it wasn’t marked very well and it was just plain hot. Luckily, I ran into Jim from Team Peeps who was lost himself because I had a map and directions. We ran the leg together and it was great. It made things go a lot quicker and easier running it with someone. Team Peeps would go around putting peeps on team van antennas! We were “peeped” a couple of times. They were all really great people!


But we finished it! It was a brutal yet rewarding experience. I knew 10 minutes into the thing I would want to go back next year for it. I LOVED every since bit of it. Even though I hate port-o-potties, and I like to eat real food this wasn’t that bad of a experience. It’s the people, my team, that made this an experience I will never forget.


But my team was amazing. We didn’t all run together but Van Gillis folks + Dan were holding it down. They ran some of the most difficult legs of relay and did it fast! I sometimes felt bad because I don’t run as fast of them and I can’t say there weren’t times when I felt a little inadequate. But at the end of the day, we all had a role to play on the team and it was our job to finish! I may not run super fast, but I’m all heart.  I did what I love to do: run.  I felt the energy and embraced the whole experience. Thank you to all of my team for making this an enjoyable experience even when it completely sucked!

So my most important message goes out to our captain John! Thank you so much for the time, upfront money and organization you put into forming this team. In the end, it all came together! Thank you so much for allowing me to be on this team because I enjoyed it so much! You’re a great team captain and I know next year will be even better!

Some things I learned from the relay:
1. The port-o-potties didn’t get bad until Sunday morning! I will use the bathroom as much as I can before Sunday rolls around again.
2. This was not the week for me to switch back to my vegetarian habits. I finally had to cave because my body wasn’t recovering the way it should. I’ll have to rethink this whole vegetarian thing though.
3. Friends will pop up in all kinds of places and bonds will form without you even knowing them. A lot of my relationships with people changed this weekend for the better.
4. Thank you Clif Bar for sending us a butt load of bars for the race but I don’t want to eat another one for several months. Clif bars became a food group for me!
5. Smelling bad isn’t necessarily a bad thing when everyone else smells bad too!
6. I don’t think I had my arms down in any photo I took this weekend. I was always throwing those things up in the air. Good thing I reapplied deodorant a couple million times a day.

There were so many great experiences in my van I can’t even right about them here. It was just a great time. So a big thanks to everyone in my van for just being there and making me smile! We did it together and we finished it!

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It’s Friday!  I’m excited for the weekend and have a new experience.  This year I was invited to join a Texas Independence Relay team and I’m really excited for the experience.

It’s 200 miles with my friends. We’re either going to love or hate each other by the time it’s all done! We have 11 people on our team and two drivers. Willie volunteered to drive on this little adventure and I’m so grateful for his support on this one! We start tomorrow morning at 9:28 am and will run from Gonzales, TX to the San Jacinto Monument! 200 freakin’ miles, 11 people, two vans and zero sleep! Doesn’t it sound like a good time?

TIR planning meeting! #runchat #running #runhappy
The most difficult thing for me is food! First off, I don’t want to put myself in a position where I’m eating junk! It’s hard for Willie and I because we don’t eat a lot of processed food or fast food! It’s just not going to be easy for us. I hope no one minds that we’ll both be toting our own cooler of food. I cooked us some food last night that won’t go terribly bad and I’ll prep us some oatmeal for the mornings and hope we can keep it cold enough.  Needlesstosay, we’ll be getting a lot of ice! I do feel like I have too much stuff, but I have to be prepared for this.

I’m excited to be doing something different and pushing myself out of my comfort zone!  This is supposed to be an amazing experience.  So please, follow me on twitter and instagram and like our team page on Facebook for updates throughout the weekend.  Here goes nothing…

What are your plans for the weekend?

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And I mean that literally! All the business is behind us.  On Tuesday, I went back to the consulate to see if we got approved for our visas and to pick them up!  Luckily we were approved and that was the last big hurdle for us going to China! Going to China is a very big deal and they really like to know why you’re going and what you’re doing when you get there.  It may seem like a hassle having to fill out the paper work, but at the same time it makes me feel a little safer too.  It’s comforting to know they collect this much information about the people visiting their country.  We also have to keep in mind we are visiting a country with a very different governmental base than what we are use to here.

It’s getting really close.  We’ll be running The Great Wall of China Marathon in 34 days!  I can’t believe it.  It’s so close.  Last week I posted the course map and it looked so confusing but I was intrigued.  Willie has been working on the stairmaster like a beast…and I should probably join him. Instead, I’m just working on my endurance and running inclines on the treadmill and road racing a lot.

So what are we doing now to prepare? I’m reading up on all things China!  Here are just a couple of things I’ve learned along the way:


1. If we’re going to visit Hong Kong, we need to make sure we have multiple entries on our visa because Hong Kong is not apart of the People’s Republic of China!  It’s like it’s own little territory.  Isn’t that kind of crazy?

2.  Apparently, we have to follow the words of Dave Matthews and don’t drink the water! Most of the travel websites I have visited have said the same thing: drink bottled water.  I’ve also read in several places to make sure a seal is broken when you open that water.  Maybe people refill the water and try to sell it again? Willie and I drink nothing but water, so I guess we’ll be buying a lot of drinking water.  I wonder how this is going to work out on the race course though.

3. Toilet paper is a luxury.  The first thing on all lists is to bring toilet paper with you every where because it won’t be available.  Because of this, I have decided that I’m also going to buy lots of hand sanitizer.  Especially after reading about the toilet situation, which brings me to my next point.

4. Looks like Western toilets are few and far between.  It’s a poop and squat situation in a hole. People have mentioned that China is very well developed and modern except for the toilet situation. There are some western style toilets but for the most part we will be popping a squat literally.

5. Cash is king! Credit cards are rarely used and especially in the remote areas.

6. Cross the street at your own risk.  I’ve read that cars won’t stop when you are crossing the street. I heard they just push on the gas.  We’ll see how this goes cause I plan on doing a lot of walking.

7. Lastly, there are people who actually get paid to push people onto the subway during rush hour times!  Talk about a job for an angry person, right?  They can just go around pushing people to help with crowd control!  I don’t plan on riding the subway, but I would REALLY like to see this!  You think I might get spotted as a tourist if I just wanted to watch this?

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I like to think I’m ok with it, but I know I’m not.  I haven’t been bashing my body image but I’ve been more conscious of it lately.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of town lately and really settled into my usual pattern, but I’ve been noticing.


February 2014

I talk about my legs way too much.  I even mentioned it last week in a blog post. I am self conscious about my thighs.  Funny thing is, it used to be my arms but now it’s my thighs. You will see the evolution of the shorts in this post.  Maybe I should just throw the stupid shorts out though if it’s causing this much contemplating. LOL!

When I started my weight loss journey, I pictured what I thought I would look like after losing the weight.  It didn’t turn out quite the way I thought I would but I am in no way complaining.  Yes, I’m left with the remnants of being overweight and it doesn’t bother me.  The thing that bothers me is returning to what I use to be.

It’s scary hearing people talk about how they lost the weight and they tell you they put it back on.  I sometimes thing people tell share this story to others who have lost weight because those people are somewhat down on themselves for gaining it back.  Gaining the weight back has always been the biggest fear since losing the weight.  I hate to admit it, but it’s the truth.

I conquered the bridge and completed the half marathon in a personal best. So PROUD of myself right now.

November 2012

I’ve stopped stepping on the scale because I don’t want to be defined by that number. As long as my clothes fit me the same, I’m ok.  Well guess what folks? My pants/shorts no longer fit me to same.  I feel like I’ve gained 45 pounds in just my legs.  Friends tell me, well look how much you work out.  Willie pokes fun at me because he knows I stepped up my running and that’s the cause of my massive “thighage.” I blame my genetics too.  My dad has cursed all of this kids with these big legs!


August 2013

I look back at pictures from last August before I started training heavily and my thighs were slim.  Now those suckers are muscular and I really have no reason to complain. Needlesstoday, this shorts don’t fit me the same way now. The shorts really hug my thighs! It’s just hard dealing with the body changes.  When my legs get bigger, my first thought goes to gaining weight.  My thought goes to all those people out there who run and don’t have the massive leg growth syndrome.  I wish I could be one of those people, but I’m not.

I need to get over this insecurity but I feel like it will follow me around for some time now.  But I guess I could have bigger problems to worry about.  All in all, it’s a lesson in learning to love yourself the good and the bad.  The perfections and the imperfections even when it’s the hardest thing for you to do!  I am strong, I am healthy and I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished and I should spend more time celebrating that instead of getting wrapped up in the insecurity.

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I don’t drink my calories and when I do…it’s painful.  I would just rather eat my calories than waste them on a drink.  Most people aren’t that way.  When we decided to lose the weight, we did it cold turkey.  There was no more soda, juice, fru-fru coffee drinks or alcohol.  That was something I had to let go.

It’s amazing how little a cup of juice is and how quickly you can tear through a couple of sodas before an appeterizer arrives at the table.  Just knowing that was enough to turn me off the concept. I would allow myself to have a diet soda on the weekend if I wanted it, but soon that even died out.  The more I read about diet soda the less I wanted it.

Yep, I had to have one today. I'm not really a #soda drinker but I needed one. And it was good! #beverages #dietsoda #vices

Today, I wanted a diet soda and I drank it…and it was soo good.

I don’t really condone diet soda because it makes me bloated.  Whoa! Talk about TMI, right?  It also fools your body by being zero calories and sends your body into freakout mode.  And I also think that it makes me hungrier. I don’t know if it really increases hunger, but that is the way I feel.

I obviously don’t drink regular soda or fruit juice due to the high sugar content.  I thought I would miss juice but I really don’t.  It was just something I had to let go in the past.

Consuming my calories in a liquid form doesn’t always sit well with me.  I allow myself to have lowfat chocolate milk after a hard workout because I need it for recovery.  And after some hard races, instead of eating I do get a smoothie because that is really all my body can handle.

Alcohol was the easiest thing for me to give up.  I was always a social drinker but not like a super heavy drinker.  I started to do the calorie counts on some of my favorite drinks and realized some of them had more calories than a Big Mac.  That made it easy for me to let alcohol go.  There are some things I can substitute or make a healthier version of, but 9 times out of 10 I’ll stay away from the alcohol.

Yes there is SkinnyGirl and I’ve had it and it’s good.  I also know there are other alternatives too, but I guess in the end…it’s not worth it to me.

Why am I like this?  I would rather eat my calories than suck it down in a straw.  We all have our things though and most people may not agree with my method.  This was/is the method that works for me.  I would just rather eat!

Do you drink your calories?



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It’s been a super busy day!  I really wanted to post this morning, but it just wasn’t happening.  I should be sleep right now because I have to teach at 5AM but I’m sitting here writing the blog because I don’t want it to get pushed back any further.  I have other blogs I want to post this week so it’s important it comes out today!

This past weekend, I spent the time running with my friends at Rock n Roll Dallas!  I’m not going to completely bash my hotel, but staying at this particular hotel was the low light of the whole trip.  I do believe that when you pay that much for a hotel you should be able to sleep in peace and not have to worry about calling security two nights in a row.


I have so much to say but there’s just not enough time and I don’t want to bore you with the little details.  There are just a few things you need to know about the weekend!

I’ve committed to a tri! I’ve been pushing it off because I’m afraid of failing. So I’ve put it on the schedule and I’ll pay for it when we get back from China. But this will be my big TRI! Hopefully I’ll get some sprint tris under my belt before then so I can do the Olympic distance!

I rode the shoe at the expo to get a cooler!

I had dinner with my running group…

Carb loading! #rnrdal
Carbed with chicken pesto thin crust pizza. Willie and I shared it and it was amazing. Very light and not a lot of cheese or meat. Just the way I like it!

I got to meet my social media friends! Pointonemiles and John!

Meet some new Team Chocolate Milk teammies, Jennifer and Peter, and had fun with old friends. It was good to see Jesus even if it was for a minute! Crazy barefoot runner! GTS was really representing here at RnR Dallas with Team Chocolate Milk! I love it!

The race went well. I was trying to finish in 2:10 with Tyson but his long legs were making me angry. I couldn’t keep up with him. I could keep him in seeing distance but it was too hard for me to run stride for stride with him. It made me sad and angry at the same time. Plus, Tyson is a champ at the water stations. I have to stop but he can keep rolling through them. I have to get better because I know that would probably shave 5 minutes off my time! Now I’m starting to think about the little things that slow me down and water stations are a big part of that!

Couldn't have made it to my PR without Tyson!  He actually 2:10 but I couldn't keep up with his long legs.  Next time we'll finish it together!
I didn’t quite make it to 2:10 like Tyson but I made it to 2:12:20 which a PR for me! A minute and about 30 seconds off my time so I was one happy girl. You’ll notice all the pictures after the race I was super happy! Without Tyson I don’t think I would have done it. Tyson challenges me to push my pace and keep with it. I never thought I was going to PR again after chasing it for so long and not getting it. I just know I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough because I was just settling. Plus, running a marathon is different than running a half and my focus has been on the marathon! BIG congrats to Tyson for setting another PR!

And to his sister for running her first half this weekend and finishing it in 2:04! I need to train with her!

He's back to running.  China, here we come!
Willie ran the race too and the pain was limited. He found a way to make it work for him! I’m proud of him.

These are the moments I love the most.  When I get to spend time with my friends and we all do what we love!  The race was great and I PRed but it was really about the amazing weekend I had with my friends.

It's a PR: 2:12:20!  A minute and a half off my time. Had a great time with my Got Chocolate Milk Team.  I was happy in my #finishstrong moment, eh?
And the lowfat chocolate milk at the end means I can keep going! Thanks Team Chocolate Milk for all the memories and the delicious treat at the end of the 13.1 miles! It’s greatly appreciated because we need to be strong for The Great Wall of China!


I do believe I met all my goals this weekend.  I didn’t spend too much at the expo.  I had an amazing weekend with my friends.  And most importantly, I chased down that PR!  It feels soo good.  I love this race and I’ll do it again next year!  There were some things I didn’t remember from last year…like how hilly it would be.  I must have been a running beast last year to think it wasn’t a big deal.  This year was a different can of worms but I still survived.  I LOVED IT!

Slammed it! #breakfast #rnrdal

And of course, there were pancakes when it was over!

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It’s an exciting weekend and a much deserved break, I guess.  I’m heading to Dallas to run Rock n Roll Dallas with my buddies and to represent Team Chocolate Milk!


Last year, Rock n Roll Dallas was my first Rock n Roll and probably the race that awakened the running beast in me!  Also, it kind of fueled my NEED to want to be on Team Refuel (aka TEAM CHOCOLATE MILK)!  I meet so many great people and the group was so welcoming, I knew I had to be on the team.  Plus, that was really the first time I’d ever refueled with lowfat chocolate milk after a race.  I was sold, especially after seeing how I was able to pick up and run the next day after the race.

Lowfat chocolate milk naturally provides the electrolytes found in commercial sport drinks!  It’s got the perfect carb to protein ratio to help rebuild your body after a long hard workout!  And it doesn’t hurt it tastes good too!  When I started my weight loss journey, chocolate was something I did give up but now it’s great to have it and not worry about it.  It’s all about recovery people!


So how do I take my chocolate milk?

I like to drink it with friends! It’s the best way to go! But if I can’t drink it with my friends…

Solo is cool too!

Mixed with my iced coffee after a run isn’t so bad either!

I especially love low fat chocolate milk with pancakes or waffles after a marathon!

If you know anything, at least you know I’m built with chocolate milk!  FYI: I don’t promote stuff I don’t use myself so never get that twisted.  I try to stay as real and honest here so don’t think I’m just spitting out my lines at you because I’m not!

This weekend I’ll be running the half marathon in Dallas with my friends.  IF you see me say hello!  I’m hoping to have  repeat of last year where I PRed.  I haven’t PRed in such a long time so it would be nice.  So my main goal is to PR, followed by having fun with everyone! My C goal is to not spend a lot of money at the expo!  I plan on only buying the things I need but when I’m there I suddenly need a lot of things!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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It’s time for your weekly update on all things China!  Remember last week when I told you we weren’t prepared for this trip, we really aren’t!  But this week we are two steps closer.  Our passports arrived in the mail this week which meant I needed to make the trek down to the Chinese consulate.  That is why this blog post is happening so late in the day.

Last big thing to do before #china and running the #greatwallofchina #marathon! It's coming up pretty soon!
Wondering why I had to go there? When you go to China for any reason you have to get a visa. It goes inside your passport and you’re not allowed to enter into the country unless you have visa. We’re just regular ole tourists so that’s the visa we applied for. Hopefully, we’ll get approved rather quickly because this is really the last big hurdle we have to jump over before boarding the plane.

This week, I also got the information on the The Great Wall of China Marathon! This was really exciting for me to read through the information. The only thing I’m not too jazzed about is having to get on a bus at 2 AM for a 6 AM start! But hey, it’s not really that bad, right? We’re going to be running ON, THROUGH, AROUND, etc. so much history! You should have seen me reading through the information, I was very excited! I am a little scared of the race but the great Courtney Kerr told us, “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they probably aren’t big enough!”


It’s going to be very hot on race day and we have 10 hours to complete the course. There are several loops that we have to maneuver our way through. There are going to be lots of stairs and rocky parts! It’s going to be SO FUN! I can’t wait to share this experience with all you! Willie says we can run it in 6 hours but I’m leaning more towards 8 hours.  What do you think?

So how is the training going?  It’s going good for me.  Not so much for Willie!  He’s coming back from an injury that has kept him sidelined.  He should be fine as long as he stretches, ices and compresses.  He hasn’t been following Dr. Angie’s orders very well, but the’s doing ok. Yesterday, we did some run/walk intervals and he did fine!  His marathon training is about to kick off into high gear. He’s going to have to kick in some high miles.  ME, I’m just crazy because I’m running every weekend with high miles.  I’m ready to rock my 5th marathon.

Right now, we’re just trying to finalize the touristy things like what to see and do while we are there.  We haven’t really done much research into that whole bit but there’s plenty of time to get cracking on that.  Hopefully, next week I’ll have more of that kind of stuff to talk about.  But as for right now, all the official documents needed to get into China are almost within arms reach and that’s a huge load off my shoulders.

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