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Video: Grocery haul and a lazy meal prep


Happy Thursday!  I assured you more video was coming and here it is.  Today I'm presenting you with this weeks [...]

What the kale? Reap the kale health benefits.

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Are you eating kale? Chances are you're probably not. Quinoa and kale have become a "trendy" food to eat because [...]

Vegetarian eats this week: sloppy joes and some rice “salad”

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It's been a long week and I realized that I didn't share with you what we made this week to [...]

Make this right now: Pecan Pistachio Salad


I promised I would share some healthier dishes that you can add to your Christmas and New Years celebrations.  I [...]

Friday happys for a Happy Friday

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This week I haven't really be into anything.  My mind is on Denver next week which kind of made this [...]

Snappy Saturday: Mug cakes and big ole salad bowls


Good morning everyone!  I hope the weekend is starting off just right for you.  Guess what I did this morning? [...]