Setting up the Sunday

Good evening everyone! I'm trying to set up the week today. We went to the grocery store this morning and had a pretty lazy day. Then I thought it was time to make the lunches for the week. Nothing fancy [...]

Late post about the weekend: color, beach and bread

This past weekend was a little bit of fun. We had plans to go to New Orleans before a little business meeting on Sunday, but the storm kind of put a nail in that coffin for us. But I was [...]

NYC in 24 hours

Wondering where we've been? We've been a little busy and I wanted to share a tiny bit of what we've been doing. Willie and I were blessed to be able to visit NYC this past weekend...for only 24 hours. Let [...]

Keep healthy and fit while traveling

This time last week Willie and I were preparing for our first plane right in our new bodies. Before flying was also a hassle and little embarrassing. Do you know how good it felt to walk up to the counter [...]