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Five steps to become more proactive


Proactive, that's the word of the week.  Last night I posted about the perks of being proactive and I'm sure [...]

Do you like t-shirts with motivation words?


Today is your lucky day if you do!  Remember last year when Willie and I were raising money for St. [...]

Happy National Running Day

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It's a day to celebrate running and we all know how much I love running! I thought I would start [...]

The deal with changes

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Change is a part of life that we can't really avoid.  Things change on a constant basis, including the weather.  [...]

The importance of being you


I guess today is a little inspirational post. Over the course of my marathon training, I've struggled with doing things [...]

Counting the blessings


Being in the public eye comes with lots of benefits like being about to share our story and inspire others [...]