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marathon training

Accomplished the 20 miler


This morning started off very early for me.  It's the day in every marathon training plan people look at and [...]

Happy Friday and thank you! How are you getting active this weekend?


Good mid-morning my readers.  I hope everyone is having a great day because it's FRIDAY.  The weekend has arrived!  I [...]

Today was a better day


Friday is usually a more hoppin' day on the blog but I was MIA yesterday. It all started with a [...]

Happy Fouth of July


I know most everyone is probably out watching fireworks right now but I didn't want to not post today. Today [...]

Marathon training might just have to take a backseat

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I don't have much to report from the weekend. I've enjoying the weekends of not doing much because I was [...]

The China trip is upon us


Excuse me, but I have nothing exciting to talk about except going to China.  It's kept me really busy trying [...]