The ground chicken spring roll

Last week my friend made egg rolls. I can't have egg rolls because they are fried. I thought I would try something different. Willie purchased some spring roll wrappers a while ago so I thought I would give it a try.   The ground chicken spring roll   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time [...]

How is everyone doing this week? How is your refrigerator feeling this week? It's Thursday so our fridge is starting to empty out which got me thinking about some things I can't get enough of lately. I love pumpkin, Willie hates it. That's fine. That means I can eat all the pumpkin and not have [...]

Good morning everyone!  I hope the weekend is starting off just right for you.  Guess what I did this morning? I ran my taper run this morning. Taper is a blessing and a curse because I've been on a running high (mileage) lately but now it's time to wind that down because the 26.2 is [...]

Tuna Chickpea Salad

This past weekend I took my bestie to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods!  She had never been.  I was shocked when I found this out because I love those places.  Any health foodie loves Whole Foods, right?  Yes I know it's expensive BUT you can find stuff in that store you can't get most places. [...]

I've been sick but I'm trying to get on the mend quicker so I can run my second marathon in 6 days on Saturday.  I've been overloading on vitamin C and medicating up.  The Gusher will be my first TEXAS marathon and I'm glad to say it will be run in my hometown!  Things are [...]

Recipe: Quick pasta sauce

Last weekend (and probably again this weekend) I suggested that Willie take his go at making fresh pasta!  We had a deal, if he made the pasta I would make the sauce and meatballs.  I've always wanted to make my own sauce but I thought it would take a long time.  Maybe I've just hung [...]

I don't know about you, but I love(d) eggnog. I never really paid attention to the calories or fat in this delicious holiday drink though. When I became a little bit more health conscious I had to step away from my favorite holiday drink because it just didn't fit into my "I can make that [...]

I haven't been eating very balanced lately. Ever since I've come back from Denver I really haven't been eating...correctly. I haven't had a taste for anything so I've ended up eating things like oatmeal for dinner or just peanut butter roll ups. Those aren't the worst things in the world, but they definitely aren't the [...]

It's Labor Day so we're going to break away from our normal routine. We usually have eggs and oatmeal in our house for breakfast and it's probably my most favorite meal of the day. But I think I found a good alternative a yummy alternative for my oatmeal fix. So let's all have pumpkin pancakes [...]

My husband had to leave me to deal with some family obligations and it hasn’t been a fun time for me. I wish I was able to go but life got in the way and by life I mean work. I’ve been spending a lot of time alone with the dogs. It really stinks because [...]