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Three way: enjoyable apple recipes

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I'm excited to introduce a new thing to the blog called the three way.  It's something I thought would be [...]

The loaf that fell apart and mixed greens recipe


On Sunday, we actually had time to prep out some meals.  It was nice being able to do that so [...]

Healthy eating with chicken: three recipes I will to try


We eat a lot of chicken, turkey and fish in our house. Red meat is limited, Willie eats it but [...]

Sweet potato hash with an egg


Remember when I told you about all the good stuff in Eggland's Best eggs? I wanted to make something different [...]

The ground chicken spring roll


Last week my friend made egg rolls. I can't have egg rolls because they are fried. I thought I would [...]

I’m loving pumpkin right now. Try it in overnight oats!


How is everyone doing this week? How is your refrigerator feeling this week? It's Thursday so our fridge is starting [...]