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Race Recap: Zooma Texas Half Marathon

This weekend was full of races.  On Saturday, I ran the Zooma Women's Texas Half Marathon in Bastrop, [...]

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I’m Strutter of the Year!

It was a busy weekend! I planned to post on Friday but I decided to volunteer my time [...]

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After the marathon…

You know what?  It's super hard for me not to run.  I know I needed to take the [...]

Daily Life Running Working Out

Slapdash Tuesday: That rest day should have happened

I had a nice post planned out for today but I'm left feeling blah.  It's probably not blah, [...]

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I run because…

Today is National Running Day!  What a great day to celebrate running and why people choose to run. [...]

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Reflections on The Gusher 2013

Sadly, the Gusher is over, but there are plenty of memories to last me a lifetime.  Running in [...]