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food issues

Flexitarian, that’s what I am.

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Most people won't eat a meal without an animal based protein, I am not one of those people. I will [...]

Yes, I can hear you. My body is speaking to me.


I don't think I've been taking care of my body lately, but it all stops today. Maybe I've been doing [...]

Froyo, I’m going to quit you!


Froyo (aka frozen yogurt) is my thing.  When I was larger, I would sit down with quarts of ice cream [...]

Why food could be ruining our attempt to make friends

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One of my April goals is to become more social.  Willie and I have spent a good chunk of our [...]

Don’t feed your emotions

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Emotions are a crazy thing and will make people do crazy things. I fed my emotions when I was having [...]

Our weight loss tool: LoseIt!


Lose It! has been the main phone app we have used to lose weight. This app is not only a [...]