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In the defense of the Biggest Loser Winner


Last night the winner of The Biggest Loser was chosen and people don't seem to be happy.  I will admit, [...]

The deal with changes

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Change is a part of life that we can't really avoid.  Things change on a constant basis, including the weather.  [...]

Tips to avoid the new work out burn out


It's the beginning of the year and a LOT of people have resolved to get fit. That's how the year [...]

Wait a minute, did she just say fat?


Hi my name is Angela and I used to fat! I think I put people off by using the word [...]

Froyo, I’m going to quit you!


Froyo (aka frozen yogurt) is my thing.  When I was larger, I would sit down with quarts of ice cream [...]

Losing the weight. My friend Julie’s weight loss story.


Everyone has a weight loss story and it's important to share these stories so others can be inspired, motivated and [...]